Matrix Member Conference Call 10-19-17 How To Attract Your Twin Flame Or Soul Mate

Filed in Conference Calls- Members Only by on October 17, 2017

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As people are waking up, relationships are changing. As people are clearing themselves of negative behaviors, thoughtforms, and blocked energies, they may find themselves unable to continue with a vibrational match of a current relationship.

This is not to be seen as a failure but an opportunity to find your soul mate or even your twin flame.

In this call, we will discuss:

-What is a twin flame? Is my twin flame incarnated?

-What is a soul mate?

-How can I best prepare my energy field to attract the right one?

-How can I best handle break ups and divorce in this tumultuous time?

-Signs you have met a soulmate, and the unmistakable feeling of a twin flame.

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