Projected Holographic Insertions In The Matrix

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Projected Holographic Insertions In The Matrix
By Michelle Walling, CHLC
The nature of our reality is a holographic projected matrix that is perceived by the five senses. The brain works with the endocrine system to “play” the program to us. The endocrine system has been retarded because of the changes in the DNA that were make by the Anunnaki to this version of the human body that we are in. As a result, we are only using a very small portion of our brains to decode the matrix.
Because most people have not seen outside of the particular program that is running, they wouldn’t be able to tell the source of a hologram. In other words, all holograms look “real” to us. Because of this, it is absolutely easy to “insert” a hologram into one’s reality that is meant to persuade a person to believe something. If fact, many holograms can be inserted at once, layers upon layers.
For example, between two people in a relationship, there is one underlying hologram that everyone is collectively creating. On top of that, a hologram can be inserted into one or the other’s reality through technology that makes one person see something completely different than the other. This causes dissension and can eventually tear the two apart. A third party observer could actually see something different than the two people he or she is observing as well. This is the illusion of the matrix and is why people can’t see eye to eye as long as they are using their five senses, and especially if they believe everything they see or hear. Only when you begin creating your reality on a higher level, outside of manipulation, can your truly co-create on a level where everyone can understand and agree.
You might wonder why something like that would happen to someone. People who have an opportunity to make a difference in the world and help as many people as possible move out of the illusion become targets. My first husband was targeted right after the birth of our son. He died at age 50. My second husband was targeted and began to exhibit alzheimer’s very rapidly and we could no longer communicate. Many times he simply fell asleep in broad daylight when I would talk to him. At first I though it was just a vibrational thing, but then I was led to information from Lisa Renee that explained what was happening.
Anyone who came here as a volunteer to make a difference has “work” to do in order to learn how to discern, decode, and be fully aware of what is happening in their reality and to their body. The only way one can possibly do this is to:
1. Be responsible for their actions, words, and thoughts.
2. Acknowledge their creator and invite a direct relationship.
3. Become the wisdom of their higher self and use the tools available to decode the matrix.
4. Activate their DNA and endocrine system by connecting with the source matrix and the high vibratory energies that are bathing the planet.
5. Un-tether from the illusory matrix and being in balance within the body and Earth’s highest consciousness.
6. De-code their immediate reality from the inside out, backward and forward, to see what you are creating.
7. Be present and centered in the heart space.
8. Don’t play the victim role, instead take command of your creation.
This assignment can sometimes be a lonely one because it makes it almost impossible to be able to tell what is part of the organic matrix and what is being inserted without your connection to Creator. Anyone not living as their higher self is a direct target for illusionary manipulation, more than others. The main goal is separation of the lightworkers/starseeds and the feeding that is being done by vampirism of negative emotions. We knew it wouldn’t be easy here but we also knew that we would be given the opportunity to re-establish that connection with our Creator which would allow us to read “code”. When you know how a trick is done, the magic show is over.
As Earth is bathed in higher vibrational frequencies, the holographic illusion layers over the original matrix are beginning to dissolve. As one layer drops off, it pulls other layers with it. Also as timelines collapse, the holographic insertions placed within them collapse as well. Finally, as the programming wears off in the brain, people begin to understand that they were “brainwashed” into thinking pretty much everything into creation in their reality. Most people are loving, caring people and would never have actually though up some of the awful things in their life if it wasn’t for the illusion. People will begin to be their TRUE selves, not who they think they are. More of our brain power will become available in  in alignment with our heart.
Indeed there aren’t many who can get through this reality unharmed without the resources of the higher self, oversoul, and source. I encourage you to GO HIGHER than the tools of the past and old spiritual practices. No middle man is needed anymore! Go beyond relying on information from dreams! Those that accomplish this personally will do more for the collective than any website, article, or video can do. Sometimes this takes solitude to achieve but in the end it will open the door to a multitude of possibilities. Those who are incapable of achieving all of the work themselves are being helped along by those who are successful. because we are all connected.
Practice time for co-creating a new reality is over. We have seen the results of particular actions and beliefs in or reality and have had a chance to play around with manifesting insignificant things just to prove that we are powerful. It is time to use that power to remove all of the layers of holographic insertions and timelines that do not align with the highest and best reality for freedom in humanity through DNA activation and full disclosure. The truth is being revealed but we can accelerate it even further. The longer we wait, thinking that people just aren’t ready, the more layers of holographic illusion get inserted by the unaware conscious dreamer.
About the author:
Michelle Walling, CHLC is a Holistic Life Coach specializing in starseed support. She is an international public speaker, writer, webmaster, and radio show host. In 2013, Michelle started writing spiritual, metaphysical, and esoteric articles for Michelle is the webmaster for and Michelle’s personal Facebook page can be found here. To contact Michelle or to book a session, please visit

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