The Great Divide- Imbalance In Relationship Energy

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The Great Divide- Imbalance In Relationship Energy

By Morgan Lee

I have posted many writings in the earlier part of this year in regard to “ The Great Divide” between the over givers and the over takers.

We are at this point in time now and it begins with the over givers, those who might call themselves Empaths, People pleasers, Introverts, door mats, rescuer’s , fixers, healers. etc.

The pattern of imbalance in relationships is about to come to an abrupt end. Unfortunately the ones who have unconsciously agreed to play the role, in over giving are currently transforming and will no longer agree to do so.

Over the past year they have experienced loss of the relationships that they had attracted as the over taking polarity, to bring to light their own imbalance of their own over giving nature.

Predominantly this can be seen in the false power of the masculine energy and the false disempowerment of the feminine energy.

And the feminine is currently experiencing the fight of her life, as she moves into a position of equality.

He will be stripped down of his false power, and come off his pedestal of power and she will climb up to meet him in equality.

Where her energy agreed to over give, make excuses, over nurture, over compensate, dance around his ego, over support him, molly coddle, remain inferior, put him on a pedestal, stand behind him, not call him on his stuff, pretend that she was lesser than, weaker than, dependant upon him, boost his ego, let him win, keep the peace, remain silent, baby him, enabling, let him take credit for her own creativity, enable his wounded ego, protect his pride, build his ego up, etc. etc. etc. She now understands that this is no longer the way of being in the New World.

The over-takers known as say, narcissists, energy vampires, control freaks, Over talkers, Drama Queens, service to self type individuals have been comfortable in their abundance of energy that more often than not, was an unconscious behaviour. Some came with smiling faces, some came with very angry faces, no matter what mask they wore, the over taking will no longer carry in the New World.

Some flip between the two extreme’s until the masculine and feminine energy within the self has been addressed, and again will face this dualistic energy within the self as opportunity for transformation.

This is a very confusing article to try to write as predominantly those born into the female form, carry this subservient energy and those born into the male role automatically align with the superior and false power of being a male on this planet.

There are many women who carry an imbalance and often far too much masculine energy as well as many men who carry an imbalance in their own feminine. So there are many pictures of relationships in how this has worked at a personal level.

The over givers come into conscious awareness of the imbalance first. It will be no easy task to try to find the strength, confidence and assertiveness to try to make this change.

As “she” begins to fight for her power, her energy , her space, as she moves towards self love, self respect, self regard, self trust, she will begin to find her voice, all too often experiencing resistance from her male counterpart or over taking friend, family member, who are clueless to any imbalance at all.

She will attempt to speak her truth, make some healthy changes, place new healthy boundaries in place, only to find that the other, has no concept of where she is coming from.

Many relationship will fall apart at this time for a period of re-set.

This external reflection of you is a part of you, and you will re-align with reverence first for the self and then your other self.

This, this is the New Human, this is the New Way of Being upon the New Earth.

Morgan Lee

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