How Do You Forgive The Unforgivable?

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How Do You Forgive The Unforgivable?

By Michelle Walling, CHLC

We are supposed to be all loving and forgiving as spiritual masters upon the Earth. When someone does the unforgivable to us, how can we possibly get past what seems to be an impossible situation?

I was prompted to write this not only from my personal experience but I have read a few comments on Facebook that have talked about these unforgivable acts. I also recently saw a tv series that represents the feudal society that we live in perfectly. As we finalize this cycle of vibration and prepare to move to the next, we must recognize and shed what will not go to the next level within us. The most difficult thing about that is that everyone is doing this at the same time, maybe even using each other as a mirror or a dumpster to slough off what no longer serves them.

First of all, remember that everything that happens to you is created by you on some level. You are the creator of your local reality and are the co-creator of the collective matrix. The matrix is an intelligent, interactive, and magnetic reality that is currently distorted by the negative emotional energy that is created that interacts with it. However, the brilliance of its design becomes clear if you figure out the code which shows you how to get to the next level. When someone does something seemingly horrible to you, the victim 3d personality thinks there is no way to forgive. The 5d spirit says, “Bravo! you have just balanced out a horrific deed that you did in another lifetime, and you are now clear to move to the next level of vibration”.

Next, remember that everything that happens has a clue or lesson within it. What this means is that what you put out there comes back to you so that you can see what you are creating. Are you creating from fear, which creates a distorted matrix, or are you creating from love? If something happens to you that is your worst fear, did you create that so that you could see that you are carrying fear within you?

Finally, if something is done to you that you are sure has absoultely nothing to do with you, then it is a situation where you are allowing this soul to make their final choice of whether they will move to the next level in this lifetime or not. You are giving them the gift of free will choice and if they do not make the choice to be a responsible creator in this lifetime, they will get another chance in another reality until they learn how.

The Golden Rule of “Do unto others as you would have done to yourself” will ultimately rule on the New Earth. That is because manifesting your thoughts will be faster and faster as we continue and eventually we will master instantaneous manifestation through the bending of time.

Some of the most seeming unforgivable acts include betrayal, rape, dishonesty, murder, infidelity, and verbal, physical, and psychological abuse.

How could you possibly forgive someone for an atrocious act against you? Did you know that most everyone on the planet is subject to mind control as well as the distorted mirror system of the matrix, especially the cabal and their minions? Did you know that many of the situations that occur between soul mates were agreed upon prior to incarnating in order to repay an energetic karmic debt, and that the reincarnation system was a part of the energetic vampirism system?

The whole pickle that we are in right now is all about energy. There are beings in the 4th dimensional astral realm that need our energy, and they prefer the negative emotions and sexual energy. They have brilliantly distorted our matrix so that everyone creates out of fear rather than love, and this perpetuates itself over and over as everyone is trying to find balance while operating in the lower chakras (survival and sexual).

The plan of course is for Earth to raise her vibrations and allow the darkness to rear its ugly head for all to see what has happened. Humanity needs to break the cycle. If you do not forgive a perpetrator, then that perpetrator has to carry that energetic karma with their soul. When you pull your awareness out of the lower dimensions and observe from a bigger perspective, all is created by Source, even the darkness. The soul grows through experience. This may sound to you like a simplistic surreal way of dismissing what is happening on the planet and that I couldn’t possibly know what you have been through. I guarantee you that the only way I could write this article is if I have had personal experience with atrocities and forgiveness myself.

I can attest that not forgiving someone only hurts YOU. You are creating your own reality and you knew what it would be like when you incarnated. You also knew that you would figure out the whole game of energetic vampirism and would be able to snap out of the spell and stop the cycle of an eye for an eye. This is truly how peace will come to the planet.

I recently was somewhat “forced” to watch the full miniseries Hatfields and Mc Coys, depicting the seemingly never ending legendary feud between two families on the Virginia/Kentucky border in the 1800’s. Because of their ego ignorance fueling hatred and revenge, most of the families were killed off by the other family, with the two patriarchs of the families not knowing how to stop it.

The same thing happened in the cosmic wars. The battles were never ending as the need for resources and energy caused certain races of beings to divide and conquer. Finally these controlling races learned how to turn other races against themselves while they sat back to siphon the energy they needed without expending too much of it to get it. That is what is happening here, and starving the system is what needs to happen.

We may have created something distorted in a past or future life from negative emotions and/or from distorted contracts, and now it has to be rectified in this last 3d Earth lifetime. Knowing this allows us to forgive someone for showing us what is left to balance or transmute. As far as HOW you can move the emotions out of the way in order to forgive, here are a few tips.

-If you feel comfortable speaking to the person face to face, you can tell them how much you were affected by their actions. Talk about how it felt and let out your emotions but do not stab back. If you know deep inside that they reflected something back to you that you needed to change within yourself, you can show your deep appreciation for opening your eyes to the hardest thing anyone has to do right now and that is to see what you are creating. So give gratitude for the relationship and allow them to speak their feelings as well, because if they hold onto what they did then they will not be able to move forward either. Both parties getting all of the emotional energy out will put a stop to the “eye for an eye” cycle we have been living in for many lifetimes. Say out loud, “I forgive you” and “thank you”.

-If you do not feel comfortable talking to someone in person, you can speak to their higher self. Pour your heart out and feel what comes up. Opening your heart will bring more revelation and thought as to why this has happened to you.

-Allow the emotions to flow without directing them toward the person. Energy darts are real and you do not want to perpetuate the negative cycle. If you have sent negative energy through thoughts and words, reclaim that energy back to your heart where it will be recycled.

-Write a letter. This is your reality and you are working on yourself #1 priority right now. Whether you send the letter or not, it allows you to express what you would like to say, and the emotions and energy behind it can be transferred out of you an on to the paper.

It is important to run through the above scenarios even if you do not feel like you can truly forgive. If you were to die tomorrow, you would look back and see that what kept you stuck at this level was truly matrix programming holding you back and that all is a lesson of mastery. Forgiveness and unconditional love are the keys to moving from the 3rd dimension to a multidimensional level.

Do not be concerned that the acts of forgiveness are opening the door for you to be stepped on. With forgiveness comes a new rite of passage that will allow you to stand in your sovereignty and make higher vibrational choices for your future and who shares it with you. Forgiveness isn’t something we do for others. We do it so that we can transmute the energy and move on.

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