Polarity And Singularity And The Human Condition

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Polarity And Singularity And The Human ConditionBy Amanda Lawrence
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Some of this data I have previously relayed at the time of experiencing. With more information NOW, I bring it all together in one post.


Polarity: an experienced state created as a result of an energy waveform as shown in Fig 1, of Third Dimensional experience. This wave is a repeated wave pattern, until a human transcends the pattern via ‘ascension’. The wave pattern, inherent within our PERCEPTIONAL EXPERIENCE as a consciousness, works within our human brain and is limited (10% used in third dimensional perceptional experience). Where we use limited nerves within brain and body. The wave pattern presents as a three day cycle. Then repeats. It works in conjunction with our sun, it’s photon light. Our sun works with Sirius, that works with the grand central sun etc…back to original point of all creation. In relation to human experience:

The sine wave cycle:
Day 1: lowest point: not knowing, low emotional state, unbalanced. This IS the GIFT point. For the human to investigate the truth of what is occurring within them. A choice point to find truth or not.
Day 2: mid point: no man’s land. The human is searching, or not searching for the answer to the difficulty (gift). False answers not of ultimate truth are seen here as a solution. Yet the truth is yet to reveal. Some humans settle for the lower untruth they perceive as a higher truth.
Day 3: highest point: the higher truth is seen, understood, integrated. Revelation. A human energetic shift occurs in human consciousness (gateway opens, see Flower of Life posts). The human can then experience, practice and adapt to a new energetic frequency level.

Those that do not see the higher truth at this point do not experience an energetic shift but will experience the same difficulty (problem) during another ‘future’ sine wave cycle. The difficulty keeps presenting until a higher truth is seen, risen from, and most importantly integrated at human living levels as the newer human version they are.

The three day cycle in continuous (Rise, fall, learn…rise, fall, learn). Ever present within an experience of Polarity. Every DIP in the sine wave is our opportunity to learn…it’s the gift to rise from. However, this sine wave of Polarity is One half of the WHOLE wave. It is one half of an infinite wave. It is one half of the INFINITY wave. As we work through the scenarios that are gifted to us at the ‘bottom’ section of the sine wave, we rise in energetic frequency which in turn creates new brain patterning, which in turn leads to higher consciousness for human experience. Generally speaking, this mass ascension for humanity is changing the brain patterning to go from a Polarity based conscious experience, to SINGULARITY based experience, from separation to ONEness. As human born, the state of Polarity works via a membrane within the human brain (the veil), whereby we can not see the reflected, mirrored part of the whole INFINITY wave we are a part of.


Is a consciousness experience of constructed light pattern. We choose to enter into this construct. Humans have accelerated and reiterated this very construct where we have relied heavily on the limited 10% of the human brain and in western world living, applied logic analysis to our experiential living. In Polarity we BELIEVE in opposites: black & white, day & night, sun & moon, north & south, positive & negative, wet & dry, good & bad, ying & yang etc all being supposed opposites. All ideas of opposites are a POLARISED human experience of a POLARISED constructed light pattern. Over time, humans have re-enforced this concept via communication with each other. The energetic sine wave that denotes POLARITY is as Fig 1.

In ultimate truth, there are NO opposites. Only the perception and belief of opposites. No ONE thing, is an opposite of another THING. They are just THINGS. Eg. There is night, an absence of the sun’s light. There is day, a presence of the sun’s light. There is rain, water pouring from the skies, there is also snow, sleet and the smallest water particles we label as dry. This is crucial to understanding Polarity and how it effects the human brain and our life experience.

The rain, is JUST that…RAIN. It is neither good, bad, miserable, happy. It is RAIN. It is water. Each person in this world will react differently to the RAIN. Some will moan, some will get frustrated, some will welcome it, others dance in it. The object or THING is what it is, but how we PERCEIVE it is ultimately based on POLARISED patterning. It’s a Judgement we make in a polarised experience and light pattern we travel on as a consciousness experiencing human form.


Most of us know emotions are the result of previous thought forms. They are the indicator of our state of balance within each of our NOW frequencies. Taking the Polarised construct further, we can see that we JUDGE outer THINGS based on the consciousness and construct that says there are opposites. It’s a very old belief system within a Polarised experience. The judging we go through allows our polarised brain to gauge things within a scale of the Polarisation construct. In polarisation we use an inbuilt ‘barometer’ to gauge and judge outer things. This system of brain activity to gauge our outer surroundings is used further: we gauge and judge ourselves and all other human beings, based on a perceptional experience within a Polarised experience. We learn this method to gauge people. We learn this method within a Polarised construct. We learn this method due to the limited WAVE PATTERN tapped into by the limited polarised consciousness our brain and body experiences. And based on the law of attraction where like attracts like, we magnetise that which we think, feel, act out most predominantly (see Flower of Life posts).

On an ascension path, and for many unawakened humans for example: we may feel a ‘guilt’ for judging another person. This means, we will create more situations to judge and feel guilty about. The same occurs for everything we experience through a JUDGEMENT eg, anger, worry, pain, sadness, stressful ness, anxiety, happiness, excitement, harmony, peace etc. We continually gauge and reassess people based on a barometer within a Polarised brain. The gauging is based on a perceptional experience of Polarised opposites and everything in between, all within a Polarised ENERGY field of consciousness. Because we are judging ‘right or wrong’ and everything in between, we create human constructs within us that can embed (if repetitious) as brain patterns within us that manifest as particular human sensitivities. It is our OWN patterned sensitivities that trigger us. The outer being purely ‘this’ or ‘that’ is not recognised within the human self. The human patterning is itself created by more or less a direct result of human experiences. On an awakening path, it is these ingrained patterns we undo by diving deeply in search of pure truth at the highest level we are capable of perceiving at, in that timeline. As we raise in energetic frequency, so higher and higher levels of truths reveal pertaining to our and behaviour and observations.

For ease of the next section here, please LOOK again at the POLARISED WAVE PATTERN Fig 1. We are Consciousness, experiencing being human, via this wave pattern.


Now look at Fig 2. Note THE VEIL. It’s a membrane within our brain. When any person begins an Awakening process, nerves within the brain BEGIN to activate. It’s the degree to which the person responds to ascension (thinks, talks, feels, acts as per the Flower of Life Law), that a person will keep activating these nerves and it’s process. As we progress the ‘path’, and go through Initiation Stages (see previous posts), more and more nerves respond within the brain and body. It’s a process, that culminates in fluids entering the brain, that release and activate the Pineal and Pituitary Glands. The process effects the whole body also, via the nervous and lymphatic systems. Hence symptoms and physical phenomena.

Note too the Mirror in Fig 2. We, experiencing in the Third Density do NOT see the mirror. We can read about it, yet it is not until SINGULARITY conscious perception is reached that the mirror dissolves. The mirror is created via the membrane/veil that masks the whole. In the meantime humans may pierce the veil via drugs, mediation, altered states and channelling. It is through the ascension process of the individual that the veil and mirror is dismantled for a permanent state of Oneness experienced in human form.


See Fig 3. At a certain stage of activation, SINGULARITY is reached and perceived, via the experience of an elevated consciousness. This state of consciousness was always there (as your Higher Self and Higher), it was just that we could not reach it for daily permanent perception within a human body. This stage occurs as parallel fields, where Polarity decreases as Singularity increases.

Within this SINGULARITY field of awareness, an entirely different experience to Polarisation occurs. We experience everything JUST as IT IS. Eg. The rain is water moving from sky to planet. The person who appears angry is an energy of specific frequency. The person of who is stressed we do not perceive as stressed, we perceive them merely an energy of certain frequency in motion. EVERYTHING is energy. Everything has frequency of variance within the Whole and of ITSelf. At this state, everything is seen as God in infinite form. Within this consciousness state, we can be misunderstood by other at lower frequency states, as being less human, less emotional. We can choose emotions here, where we will choose joy, harmony, peace, and not wish to choose anger, pain or sadness. We can choose our state also, dipping into lower consciousness, knowing we are at the same time, a higher consciousness.

People of lower frequency will not understand this as a choose only because they can not see it yet. They will. To be judged as less emotional is true for we have understood the human emotional system and worked through it. What is staggering, is that SINGULARITY state experiences a purer and purer state of LOVE. The constructs and belief systems of Polarity consciousness are gone, as we lose the sensitivities that serve to DECREASE our LOVE and vibrational frequency. That which can be the cause of so much emotional human pain. We therefore reside in clearer OBSERVATION mode in an unwavering presence of Divine Love. Living in this state is living in a purity as God’s Love. As we go higher, we experience more and more a purer and purer Unconditional Love for all things. This stage of consciousness holding a human form then sees all things as God, all a celebration of God, where each observation and experience is ANOTHER reason to be and celebrate the Love of God. Just as they see God in ALL things, so they KNOW God within each human, regardless of their forgetfulness or state of being, and we also see and know God within our living state. The beauty of living in Singularity is that we experience living as a purer, and purer, and purer state of God’s Love.

It is also worth noting, that all humans regardless of an Aware Path, experience moments of Singularity. Singularity Consciousness IS when we are present in any present NOW moment.


The sine wave IS part of the INFINITY wave. We just don’t observe it in a Polarised state of consciousness. When a consciousness experiencing human form reaches the state of living in SINGULARITY, they are aware and of clear knowing of the wave form as in Fig 3. The reason so many are experiencing the INFINITY symbol vibrating within their human brain NOW and in recent months is because they are moving towards, and I stress NEARING, the onset of SINGULARITY consciousness. We are not there yet, but the ‘Infinity Loop’ physical brain sensation is due to the energetic process occurring in their brain via the on going nerve activations already described.

When SINGULARITY conscious perception is reached for the human, the continuous INFINITY wave formation looks remarkably like DNA configuration. Which is ironic as I have never received any data or experience, or therefore written about DNA activation within the human form.

For further understanding to newly awakened: Many nerves fire up within the brain during the ascension process. The nerves create electrical pulses throughout the brain. They create the necessary new brain patterning which in turn forms a higher conscious perception within the human experience. The physical brain sensations become clearer and clearer as we rise in frequency. The order of sensations within the brain, as far as I can tell are:

Initial tiny vibrations felt on the scalp (like ants crawling on the head).
Various and DIFFERENT vibrational sensations around all areas of the head. Start of small, then increase in area size.
Various and DIFFERENT vibrations felt between head and upper neck.
Circular rotation of energy around crown.
Piercing sensation to crown.
Pulsing at various stages of this whole process.
Front to back pulsing lines of sensation.
Cross formation sensation as well as Arcing of energy to front centre and middle centre brain.
Horizontal pulsing line sensation from left to right hemispheres (dissolving of the veil/membrane commences).
Infinity loop of differing proportion left and right (see Fig 3).
Infinity loop of equal proportion.
After this…I do not know…

All of the above can also be accompanied by physical body sensations and vibrations. Don’t we know it!


Despite this information, I feel that it is helpful to fundamentally absorb the understanding of emotions, sensitivities, what causes them, why we react, how to balance them. It’s a widespread idea within humanity that emotions are good or bad, right or wrong. They are energy. And as humans WITHIN a Polarised Consciousness, WITH forgetfulness and lack of knowing of who/what we actually are, we can be hard on ourselves and others. We are energy. Our emotions are energy indicators showing us our state of balance at particular individual frequency. It is by working through OUR thought responses, that produce OUR emotional response, that allows us to see higher truth within us within any given three day cycle.

At this present NOW, of 7 January 2018, many ascending are being pushed hard to see the unseen falsehoods within, to be swiftly cleared. Just the last vestiges for those that will this year experience the SINGULARITY field of Christed Light Consciousness and Oneness with all things, and as all things, the difference between separation and unity. We’ve come a long way, and we will make it together, as ONE and back to the ONE we always are in truth. As we do this, more will follow as we shine the light for those that seek home.

So much love
AL 07/01/18

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