The Movie: “They Live” Has More Truth in it Than Fiction

Filed in Resources by on January 15, 2018

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“I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass……and I am all out of bubblegum”.

The movie “They Live” is another way the Illuminati are telling us what is happening on the planet in a way that makes us not even think it could be true~ through Hollywood. I mean, movies are just for entertainment and couldn’t possibly be true, right? There is a Universal Law of Karma that must not be broken, so “they” tried to get around accumulating karma by putting our enslavement in front of our very eyes, and then if we do not speak up or say “no” we have consented to it according to “them”. I am speaking up and I DO NOT CONSENT.

If you can find this full length movie on the internet or some other resource, it describes what is really happening on the planet at this time. Here is the trailer to the movie:

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