Lauda Describes Vibrating High Enough To Walk Through A Wall When She Was A Child

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Lauda Describes Vibrating High Enough To Walk Through A Wall As A Child

In this video, Lauda (also known as Soverign Ki) talks about a quantum experience she had as a child which describes her first hand knowledge of this holographic matrix reality.

Lauda says that when she was a child, the atoms in her body would begin to vibrate so fast that her physical body would literally disappear. She would then see that Earth is a hologram occurring within a dark matter void and that she could see all the way through Earth. It puzzled her as to why she did not fall through the Earth, ie. she questions what was keeping her in the space she was occupying.

One time in school she experimented by walking through a wall. She didn’t consciously know she was walking through a wall, as to her there was no wall, it was only space. The children and teachers saw her do this. She said that it is as if time slows down or completely stops for her and she can’t hear anything going on, but apparently all of the children were screaming.

When she rationalized that she had walked through matter, she began to get very concerned that she might get stuck inside the matter if her atoms were to slow down. She moved herself over and the children saw her going back through the wall. She was expelled from school and was forced to have sessions with a psychologist, but she didn’t say anything to them because she did not trust them.

Lauda says that she no longer had these extreme episodes when she was a teenager and older.

I started the video at the point that Lauda talks about this experience, however you can always go back and listen from the beginning as what they are discussing is relevant to the times that we are in now.

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