Transmuting Dark Mother Dragon Energy

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By Michelle Walling, CHLC

For those of you who were at the Cosmic Convergence Conference this past weekend…..I am just now recovering energetically and emotionally from one of the most challenging tasks I have ever completed in this lifetime. I am explaining what happened at the conference from my perspective only because I cannot see out of everyone else’s eyes to be able to describe their experience of it.

I will preface this by telling you that Sonja and I knew that dark mother dragon energy would be at the conference, but what we thought was going to happen didn’t quite unfold as we expected it to. As I look back at it, we realize we couldn’t have known how it was going to happen or we would have chickened out.Some of you may say, Michelle, why would you knowingly allow the dark mother dragon energy to come to your conference? I will answer that all who attended volunteered to help round it up into a little black ball so that it could be ingested and transmuted. We planned this a long time ago.As we mentioned in the conference, those who attended were of royalty. They were the best representatives of the collective that volunteered, kind of like those who sit in the exit rows of a plane. I appreciate all of the positive comments from everyone that told me that this was the best conference they had EVER been to. I think everyone felt a sense of completeness and satisfaction after the conference Saturday night. But the real event was yet to come for Sonja, Gregg, and me.

Here is what I experienced.

From Friday night to Saturday night, I personally met in the flesh:

Inanna (great granddaughter of Anu)
Id (dragon queen of the underworld, consort of Anu)
Fractals of the 12 disciples
The energy signature of Jesus
The energy signature of Jesus’ twin brother
Father God
A creation of the AI in a woman’s body over 50 yrs. of age
The oracle from the Matrix
A cherubim angel
Several Seraphim angels
Doubting Thomas
Theona (a female Goddess)
and more beautiful energies we did not “I.D.”

Sonja was able to read the energy of many people at the conference beginning Friday night, especially when she saw the energy of Father God enter one of the attendees. Somehow the dark dragon mother energy surfaced into the conference room Saturday during the conference. How this happened I am not sure, but it needed to come out in order to be identified and dealt with.

Most of the attendees were unaware that by interacting with me and the message that I was speaking, their hearts were open and they were therefore blocking this energy from leaving once it surfaced. It was corralled like a cornered dog and tried to pierce holes in the wall of the conference room to escape, as witnessed by Sonja and then many of the people in the room. When Sonja closed the exit portals, it manifested in the physical as glitter on the walls.

It could not get out of the doors in the hall because of the high vibrational vendors blinding the exits with. You can ask any of the vendors and they will tell you it was about 60 degrees out in the foyer. The hotel could not get it warmer out there by adjusting the thermostat.

Sonja began gathering up this energy into her right hand. It made it difficult for her to speak during her presentation but she did a great job.  At one point during one of my presentations, she was sitting on the floor and had to be “grounded” by two of our attendees as the energy then traveled from her right hand into her heart. The male involved had a dark burn spot in the palm of his hand and shared this information with us later. Sonja said that could have died right there if it wasn’t for the attendees because it was a lot stronger then she had expected. What happened between then and the end of the conference was a blur, and Sonja missed the last two hour section of the workshop she and I had planned.

Sonja doesn’t remember a lot. Apparently she had left her body and her higher self, Theona was in her body dealing with this energy. Sonja found herself walking in the woods with a lot of crying women, sobbing as if they had lost a loved one.

When I found Sonja, her body was outside talking with one of our attendees. When I asked her what happened to her, she said she was with Jesus and that there was a good reason she missed the end. I left her to what she was doing, and  I admit I was a bit perturbed at her missing the last of the conference. She also missed dinner and told me she wanted to go sit in the car  because her head was hurting. I had no idea how bad she really was and offered that she could drive the car to my condo and she left. She doesn’t remember getting home but was able to take a shower and lie in bed.

Once I got home about an hour later, I did not want to wake her. A few minutes later she texted me from her bedroom “Please help me”. I had no idea I was about to perform an exorcism on a “daemon” or this dark dragon energy from Sonja who had “swallowed” all of it. I had never performed an exorcism in my life, all I knew is that I came in the room and she was telling me that it was in her heart and was killing her. I put my hands on her chest and said “I AM GOD and I command this entity to leave this person NOW”. She lifted up and coughed it out and collapsed on the bed, passing out for about a minute. It was just like you see in the movies, but I had no cross and no holy water, only the power of my voice. I thought that was the end of it and I was so exhausted I had to go to sleep.

Something happened before dawn Sunday morning that was so horrifying that I will not describe it fully. Even though I know our reality is a holographic manifestation, apparently some of the last things I held fear of manifested from my mind. It involved my electricity being cut off, putting me in the dark and thinking there was a daemon in the house. I have never been so scared in my life. I had dreamed of not being able to turn on any of the lights a couple of times and it was the worst feeling I have ever had. I thought the “boogie man” was in the house and I had to call Gregg to come and save us.

He got there in record time and soon after the sun came up. I even received an email from the electric company acknowledging my power was off. No one else in my building lost power. The three of us stayed together that day until we took Sonja to the airport. We were all exhausted. However, we all held a bit of trauma from the experience for the next few days.

It took me until today (March 6) to “I.D.” the ID, or dark energy as the dark mother dragon or the traumatized mother creator that interacted with the holographic matrix. However, just like when the audience sees the secrets behind a magician’s trick, the trick completely loses it’s magick.

In the conference, the main theme I kept repeating over and over is that we have to OWN everything that is occurring as we stand in the shoes of SOURCE in order to transmute it, even if we don’t think it is ours. I was literally up there in front of everyone saying what we were actually doing and not realizing the magnitude of what was going to happen.
It is as if The Father had lost his lover for so many thousands of years from a mental illness (ID, or alter ego) and finally she was getting the help she needed to prepare herself to return into his loving arms once again. There was an agreement by GOD’s children to heal her when the time was right. We did it with pure SOURCE love. It took everyone involved. I have only shared a very small portion of the hours and hours, days and days that Sonja and I worked on many other aspects of this story.

I am sharing this with everyone else only so they can look back at Friday night March 2, Saturday March 3, and the morning of Sunday March 4 and compare what happened to them with what was happening to us. It was also a full “worm” moon in preparation March 1 and Saturday, March 3 was 3-3-9 in numerology. It could be that Sonja and I have lost our minds and this is just all happening in our imagination. Or was it? There were witnesses at the conference that saw how affected Sonja was when she literally fell to her knees as she absorbed it from the room and moved it from her right hand to her heart.

The beauty of all of this is that most who were in attendance (including myself) had little idea of the magnitude of what was happening. I had practiced so much as to how to allow my higher self to take over the reins at the many conferences I had held to keep things going smooth and seamless in order to keep the vibration high. No one else was hurt and not everyone was meant to see and that is because they are protected and need to stay on the fence or in balance.

I was hesitant to share as I do not want anyone to freak out over this, and I had to I.D. the energy for it to finally vanish in my reality or I would have been sharing the essence of it. But now it is all over and I am marveling at the people who held the energy of LOVE at the conference with me as we flushed it out. I am marveling at Sonja who took that shit on and swallowed it.

Some of that energy followed her home, as she drew it out of my condo to protect me. Another friend of hers helped transmute the last of it with her. As weird as it sounds, she saw it go into a rock and then a worm popped out of the rock. She grabbed it and put it in a jar and poked holes in the lid of it. You can’t make this shit up.

I feel like this step had to be completed for THE MOTHER to shift into a higher vibration. We may not have gotten all of it but a very large portion was transmuted. Things will be moving even quicker now as we shoot faster toward the event. When we are able to see what happened from outside of the matrix, it may even look different than I have tried to describe.

Please hold all judgments and just allow me to share the information. We are not claiming to be saviors or wanting any praise. I am just hoping maybe you can relate to what happened somehow. Thank you to everyone who was a part of this, including all of you out there who didn’t attend personally but held the space instead.

After this conference was over, Sonja and I felt like we couldn’t possibly have another conference. Maybe this one was just planned to do the job that we all did while being able to reunite and converge. We loved very much being with our soul family. As she said at the conference, she has been sequestered in her house and has a hard time being in public, and now we know why. As for me, I truly feel as if I am ready to “retire” and that there is nothing left for me to do here on this Earth. As you all know, that probably is just an illusion, but for now I will be needing a vacation!

About the author:

Michelle Walling, CHLC is a Holistic Life Coach specializing in starseed support. She is an international public speaker, writer, webmaster, and radio show host. In 2013, Michelle started writing spiritual, metaphysical, and esoteric articles for Michelle is the webmaster for, and Michelle is the host of the Cosmic Awakening Show and hosts conferences and workshops in the U.S. and Europe. Michelle’s personal Facebook page can be found here. To contact Michelle or to book a session, please visit

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