Merging The Higher And Lower Selves

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Merging The Higher And Lower Selves

By Morgan Lee

Since the 1st of March 2018, when many experienced either consciously or unconsciously significant embodiment, expansion, or a leap in consciousness, most are becoming aware of experiencing a major alignment or merging of the higher self and the lower self.

This is creating some moments of major confusion for some. Times of bliss, joy and happiness in flow one moment, and shifting into total doubt or anxiety the next. Often wondering what on earth is going on. Like living in 5D for a few days, only to fall into 3D wondering if everything experienced so far, was even real at all.

It can also feel like having two programs or software running alongside of each other. The old programs still trying to run the show, at times and the new program/ software slowly taking over.

And it can also feel like there are literally two minds attempting to live in the one body.

There are also two distinct emotional experiences running alongside of each other too. One may be in pain at the letting go of something and in the experience that pain, but at the same time, a presence of peace, acceptance or higher knowing is also present. Like feeling like there is a higher hand lovingly holding the space through it all.

One part of self is going through the experience, the other part observing the experience and conscious awareness of both parts at the same time.

The Human has free will and so with each choice, one is literally choosing to align with either the old program or the new program. And in each moment of choice, one is either firing up old neural pathways or creating and laying new ones.

The more one attempts to run the old programming, holding on to attachments or resisting movement towards new, the more uncomfortable one can become.

The higher self programming is moving some towards purposes, missions, maybe new ways of being, and many are finding that they are having to surrender and let go on a regular basis, in order to allow for that alignment to occur.

Some will abruptly walk away from old lives, of security and stability, maybe end relationships, walk from familiar situations, leave jobs, homes, etc. and many will move toward a whole new way of being altogether. Often there are no real shocks in these moves, just the reasons that prevented them from occurring seem to be gone.

At the same time, as one’s old self and life is dismantling, we are also experiencing new gifts such as astral travel, time travel, bi-location, dimensional play, expanded intuition, quantum jumping, time line jumping, increased clarity, increased universal knowledge, wisdom and intelligence, etc.

Morgan Lee, Facebook post March 6, 2018

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