The Truth Behind Operation False Hope

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The Truth Behind Operation False Hope

By Michelle Walling, CHLC

I have witnessed people in the truther movement uncover “false hope” agendas with the intention to get the truth out to humanity. Some say that the Draconian dark forces are behind this operation and others point the finger at the false light or fallen angels. Dire warnings of “the harvest” or a “false flag alien attack” dot the pages of these truthers’ websites. After spending some time in this truther arena myself, ironically I began to uncover some my own truths about the truther movement itself.

In this article, you may note a big of irony as I dissect this subject from a higher perspective. Truthers really have gone to great depths to uncover the biggest secrets that humanity has been shielded from. Their biggest victory is calling out love & lighters who make predictions of key dates of change that seem come and go. They salivate before devouring the false light leaders with accusations of deception and harvest.

Please note that I am not referring to anyone attacking me. I am observing others attack some of the people I have supported and I am watching situations I am not involved in. I have also supported truthers so please do not try to figure out who I am talking about or over analyze what I am sharing with you.

I have felt the energy behind some of the ranting truthers with millions of followers and I have gotten to a place where I can’t listen to some of them anymore. I feel the energy behind those exposing secrets “out there”, as if you are receiving the key to everything and the knowledge of the sacred teachings held only for the privileged and elite.

I am going to say something that is not intended to freak you out. What if….we have already done this before? What if the end of this grand cycle resulted in 20 different scenarios anywhere from nuclear devastation to genetic human engineering, and all of them ended up with the erasure of humanity on Earth? What if you were one of the ones that came back from the future to try to change timelines in an effort to save more of humanity? Would you tell humanity the truth, that they all died in the future?

I will continue with a bit of hope by telling you that we have already derailed all but one or two of those devastating timelines. How did we do it? By awakening to the truth of what is happening but by offsetting it with high vibrational energies of love and hope, which leads to people opening their hearts and raising their vibration beyond the darkness.

There was a time when I felt to the need to be a staunch truther. I reported on the dark alien agenda and I shared Cameron Day‘s work about “Why I am no longer a lightworker“. I can look back and see why I needed to study all of the storyline in order to see the bigger picture. The key here is that I did it in a vibration of truth that was mixed with love and hope, not with fear and daggers. I tried to align myself with the same people who held a similar vibration.

I encourage everyone to question everything, but as you start diving into the truth, I invite you to study those reporting on it. Are they operating in a high vibration? Do they publicly “out” peoples’ names, blatantly attacking them online? There is a Law of Vibrational Attainment in this Universe that attracts to you what you put out. Do they know about this “Secret”?

Now I invite you to study the words “false hope”. Is that an oxymoron? Is there any hope that is really false?

Next I invite you to study the meaning of the truth. How does anyone here really know the truth while stuck in a holographic projection ruled by Draconian forces that we cannot see, using technologies on people that most are defenseless from? How do you know that the truth that you think you know isn’t just a holographic projection in your mind? When defining truth, do you think that the light is any better than the dark in the eyes of the Creator?

My point is this. I really don’t care if there are good hearted people out there bringing feel-good false hope messages to humanity in order to help them get through one more day of this galactic battle. Hope is hope, 1=1. False=false, 0=0. False hope is the equation of 1+0 which still equals something. Personally, I try not to support any hope messages that I feel are just created to bring about an expectation that will only lead to disappointment so that the dark forces can feed off of the resulting depression. I do not condone lying but on the other hand there have been many times in my life where I have saved someone else’s feelings with a little white lie.

What I will say is that if it weren’t for some of those messages, channelings, and videos that gave hope of this reality one day ending with a hope of a new humanity and a New Earth, then I would not still be here today. I would have hung up my coat a long time ago, realizing that there is nothing to stay here for. Why would I want to stay on a planet engulfed in darkness when I could travel to the promised Summerlands?

It’s because I came here to bring messages of hope. I do the best I can in discerning that the hope I share is of the highest integrity. I came here to assist with those who know how to steer a whole collective towards a positive polarity outcome through compassion, love, peace, honor, integrity, and HOPE. The process of this task is a brilliant craft, it is magic itself. It is very similar to the first time you were learning how to ride a bicycle and your parent was running just behind you telling you that they are holding on to you and that you will not fall, even when they actually let go of you the minute you began pedaling.

It is the corrupt psyche or the ego that feels the need to call out someone publicly, by name, in the name of truth. It screams, “Hey! Look over here! I know the truth about this person. See how stupid they are or see how much they are deceiving you? I am right and they are wrong”. It’s the snake eating its tail. The one you are ratting out is actually another you with another personality and opinion. It’s true black magic coersion and deception at its finest, geared to have the whole consciousness of humanity fighting itself.

I recently had a session with a school teacher that was one of the only people I have talked to that has never had anything really bad happen to her in her whole life. She has almost no negativity in her household or at her job. No one is attacking her, and she lives a quiet but informed life. She had been following my work for around 3 years and wanted to book a session to see if there was something wrong with her because she sees so many awakened people battling “darkness”. She was really concerned that she was not doing something right. She noted that she occasionally has a drink (after all, she is a school teacher!) and she sometimes has a cheeseburger. In other words, she does not follow the strict diets that she has read about and she is holding on to some guilt for some of her lifestyle choices.

She is the perfect example of the angelic beings that are here to help humanity. When someone tells me that they have no negativity in their life, it proves that they are kind, loving, and compassionate. They follow the golden rule of treating others as you they would want to be treated. They would never attack another nor publicly “out” another human being. Because they are not putting any negativity out, they are not drawing it to them. It shows that they have balanced all of their karmic energy and are literally inside of their own bubble of reality, shielded from the darkness. In fact, the dark cannot even see them. Is shows me that they are not fighting themselves. They are the masters walking the Earth, and they are our real “truthers”. At the end of our session, I thanked her for the honor of meeting her and told her that it has been my goal every day to be more like her.

Back to the maurading and crusading truthers. When will they stop fighting? Remember the phrase “United we stand, divided we fall”? Remember, the plan was to help unite humanity without judgment of another’s path, especially if you cannot see the higher perspective as to why they are doing something. So many things happen in our lives that seem to be wrong but were actually divinely orchestrated.

For instance, say that one of your soul mates loves you so much that they made a contract with you to meet in this lifetime and provide what you needed to finally shift your polarity from negative to positive. You meet this person in life and you start a relationship. Your loved one then triggers you, causing some deep seated pain to surface that has been held in your DNA for thousands of years. Are you going to recognize that it is a blessing as an opportunity for transmutation or are you going to stab back at them from the eyes of a victim?

I have had many clients that have gone so far down the rabbit holes of the truther movement that their heads are spinning. They have watched the tennis match of  complete opposite statements come from two different well know truthers, and they come away very confused. Some no longer have any hope that anything is truly getting better. Then they begin to question if any of it is true at all and wonder if they are just crazy. My advice still stands the same each time.

Forget everything you think you know! STOP jumping into every rabbit hole! Instead, peek into the hole, say hello to the rabbit, receive what it tells you, and hop over it down the road. File what you learned into the “big picture file”. The real truth is that we only know a very tiny portion of the big picture even though we are learning more and more each day.

Make a list of the truths that you hold on to for your big picture file. Keep the ones that vibrate the highest at the top. My truth file gives me hope. Some examples in the top of my truth file are:

  • Love is everything
  • Fear is “False Evidence Appearing Real”
  • I am a spark of the one infinite creator
  • Time and Space are not real
  • The reality I am in is a holographic matrix created for experience
  • The matrix, in it’s pristine form, is a brilliant creation
  • Source created everything, including the negative polarity
  • Allow things to unfold, trust in my higher self to drive my vehicle
  • Detach, become the observer
  • Everything happens for a reason
  • Remember, I have already done this before
  • I am a time traveler
  • Space and time are a construct, a playground
  • I am not trapped, I came here to help, and I will one day shift my reality

Below those truth you may see entries like “Draconians hi-jacked our matrix system”, and “The Earth is in quarantine”. I have a thousand of these lesser level truths. All truths on my list vibrate at the rate of truth but some vibrate at a higher frequency than others. The question is, which statements give me hope and what makes me feel better about being here?

Eventually you will need to do a house cleaning of that file while where you clear yourself of all beliefs you have attained that no longer serve you. Then you have formed your own “truther file” and no longer need to listen to another’s truth. You also do not feel as if it is your responsibility to tell the world that someone else’s file is corrupt. After all, your file once was corrupt too.

In summary, I would never knowingly support “false hope” operators. I pay attention to how a messenger or their message makes me feel and I share what resonates at the time. Does the message give me hope when I need it the most? As long as it doesn’t ooze with deception, hurt anyone, or trap people into a roundabout battle of attacking one another, then it’s all right by me. These days should be spent looking inside of ourselves to transmute our own polarity rather than looking at what others are doing wrong.

About the author:

Michelle Walling, CHLC is a Holistic Life Coach specializing in starseed support. She is an international public speaker, writer, webmaster, and radio show host. In 2013, Michelle started writing spiritual, metaphysical, and esoteric articles for Michelle is the webmaster for, and Michelle is the host of the Cosmic Awakening Show and hosts conferences and workshops in the U.S. and Europe. Michelle’s personal Facebook page can be found here. To contact Michelle or to book a session, please visit


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