7 Major Warning Signs The Universe Gives You When You’re Out Of Alignment With Your Higher Self

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7 Major Warning Signs The Universe Gives You When You’re Out Of Alignment With Your Higher Self


Have you felt like you are not yourself lately?

A lot of awakened individuals are saying they receive cosmic messages through coincidences or synchronicities, random objects, songs, or in their meditative state.

The Universe is ever communicating with all of us whether we’re religious or not. There are a couple of warning signs The Universe gives you, especially when you’re out of alignment with your Higher Self. Your subconscious mind is trying to get your attention.

There are no limitation as to how The Universe can connect to us because the difference only lies in our subjective perception.

The truth is, if you only pause for a while and look at the patterns in your life, you will discover the messages The Universe has been sending you for a long time.

The struggles you meet or the blocks you have to constantly overcome might be signs from The Universe telling you you’re on the wrong path.

If you feel this way, here are the 7 major warning signs from The Universe that say you’re on the wrong path.

Take note, though, they’re not designed to break you, but to awaken your soul from its deep slumber.

7 Major Warning Signs The Universe Gives When Someone Is Out Of Alignment:

1. Uneasy Feelings.

There are times when you simply feel uneasy as if your stomach is churning. No matter how you try to make it go away, it just won’t.

It might be telling you that you’re powerless in other areas of your life.

Wherever you go, there’s this inexplicable feeling as if something bad is about to happen. You just feel anxious or being dreadful.

2. Losing Things.

It’s only when you lose something valuable that you’re able to re evaluate your life and be aware.

Either you misplace the thing or somebody took it away from you, the point is to get you awakened from the mundane events in your life.

3. Frequent Disagreements.

You get into trouble much easily. Whether it be with your loved one or another person, it only takes very little to spark anger in you.

4. Clumsiness.

You may find yourself more clumsy than usual.

Bumping your toe, cutting your skin, breaking or dropping things are getting your attention to stay in the present.

5. Receiving “Bad Omens”.

In ancient times, omens are said to be messages from the gods foretelling the future.

However, omens are subjective, which means the messages they carry may vary from person to person.

As such, you have to be aware of your emotions and the way your mind reacts everytime you see one.

Examples of bad omens are black cats crossing your path, black crows or broken traffic lights.

6. Meeting Accidents.

Either major or minor, accidents bring the message of changing course as quickly as possible. If you’re in the middle of a project, try to evaluate whether it’s worth pursuing or not.

7. Unlimited Roadblocks.

No matter how many barriers you’ve overcome, these blockades seem to be unlimited. They keep popping up every time you’ve overthrown one.

You seem to be getting to nowhere because every time you take a step forward, something pushes you to take two steps back.

You’ve invested much in it but the results are simply disappointing.

7 Steps To Realign With Your Higher Self:

One or two of the above situations might happen to anyone. But when most of the above signs are present in your life and they happen frequently, then it’s most likely not a coincidence. Something in your subconsciousness is trying to get your attention.

You need to realign with your Higher Self and your true purpose. Here is how you can realign with your Higher Self:

1. Listen to your intuition

The best way to be sure is to listen to what your intuition is telling you. A feeling of heaviness means it’s not the right path while feelings of lightness indicate getting it right.

2. Take responsibility

There is no one person who can point it right at you except yourself. The best thing to do is take baby steps in changing your course and see what happens.

3. Change your environment

There are situations when getting out of a situation or an environment is your best option, such as getting out of a stressful job that’s draining the life out of you. In this case, you just have to trust The Universe that it will take care of you should you make a big life changing decision.

4. Spending time alone

Take time for yourself and for introspection. This is one sure way of finding out what needs to change in your life. Meditation is another tool for clearing your messy mind.

5. Journaling

Journaling is the best tool for getting to know yourself more. The more you connect with yourself, the easier it would be for you to realign with your higher self.

6. Apply humor in your life

Humor lightens up your mood and opens your heart. When you’re relaxed, your mind is able to think much clearer.

7. Trust in The Universe

You’re a part of this one Source, and it only wants to connect with you by all means possible. Trust it.

Apply all of the steps mentioned above and you will rediscover your true vibe and realign with your Higher Self!

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