The Strong Woman Is A Warrior- She Will Love You With All She Has, Or She Will Leave You In The Dust

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The Strong Woman Is A Warrior

By Tiffany Stiles

There are a lot of men who are used to dealing with weak women, who are emotionally immature, who don’t know what they want and who play games.

When a man meets a strong woman, he doesn’t know what to do with her. 

A strong woman wasn’t born that way, she was made that way.  She had to fight and claw her way out of the depths of hell. She had to learn to fight for herself, because no one else did. She has sat with her darkness time and time again, and learned to become friends with it. She’s transformed herself from victim to Victor. In fact, she can’t stand the word victim, or anything associated with that mentality. A strong woman is one who learned to love herself unconditionally. She doesn’t need to seek outside of herself to fill that void. A strong woman does not need validation from anyone to be who she is, she is who she is- take it or leave it. And she is the most authentic, down to Earth person you will know.

A strong woman will turn pain into power, and transmute hate to love. She will help you understand a love you’ve never known or experienced before. That which has no Earthly terms for explanation. A strong woman will focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses. She will support you, stand by your side and have your back. She will encourage you to be the best version of yourself. And she will do everything in her power to help you get there. She will be your light on your darkest days. She will be that shoulder to cry on when you feel like giving up, and she will never let you give up! She is the embodiment of the Divine balance of Divine feminine and masculine. And a strong woman expects the same in return from her man.

For all of the heartbreaks you have ever known while playing games with girls, this was your training to stand beside a strong woman and be her equal. A strong woman doesn’t need a partner to complete her, for she is already complete. She needs a partner to be her equal. A strong woman will never ask that much of you because she is independent, however what she expects as her equal is to put in the same amount of time, effort and energy she does to make the relationship magical union of mind, heart, body and soul. A strong woman requires depth in her relationships. Anything superficial is a huge turn off!  If you show her you can meet her where she is and be her equal, she will take you places you’ve never been.

A strong woman will not let down her guard until she trusts you, until you show her you can be her equal. Although she always keeps her heart open, you will have to work to obtain the key….until she knows you have her back as much as she has yours.

Strong women carry battle scars physically and emotionally, but a strong woman has met with her dragons and has learned to tame them. A strong woman will not lean on you to support her financially, she can take care of her own business. She will require from you the things money can’t buy. So be prepared to open your heart, be emotionally supportive , vulnerable and be her rock in times of darkness. You will need to have also obtained the Divine masculine/feminine balance for she likes a man who is strong, but sweet and caring. A man who stands up for his beliefs, but also accepts her for hers. A man who wouldn’t hesitate to protect her like a warrior protecting his queen, but also knows, she is just as strong and would protect him just the same.

Don’t ever let her catch you checking out another woman, because she will never be your second best and she will never be your side chick. A strong woman can be happy alone, because she learned the only one who can make her happy is her. She doesn’t seek happiness outside of herself. A partner will either add to her happiness or she will leave you in the dust. She’s worked too hard to obtain happiness and peace. A strong woman has put a lot of work into herself to be a better person, a better human, a loving, caring, empathetic being, but make no mistake, if you take her for granted and get comfortable, she will leave you in the dust. A strong woman will expect you to continue putting in the same effort to keep her, as it did to get her in the first place.

Be ready to be open, and vulnerable because that is what she finds sexy as she knows it takes a strong man to be able to show this side of himself. A man who has also put in the  amount of time and effort with his  dark side and learned to tame his dragons. A strong woman will call you out on your bullshit every single time. She is not passive aggressive as she will tell you when and why she is upset. She will give you a second chance to “show” her by your actions you are making an effort to not continue doing what upset her in the first place. But she rarely gives out thirds. Your words will carry little weight without the actions to back it up. You will need to walk your talk. A strong woman commands respect without speaking a word, and if you disrespect her she will leave you in the dust. She, in return, gives you the same respect given.

A strong woman walks her talk. She is not a pushover, and she is not a doormat. She is confident in her own skin, in her gifts, abilities and in her life mission. She is a girls girl, and she supports other strong woman and wants to see them succeed as much as her.

Being in love with a strong woman will be like nothing else you’ve ever experienced, and she will take you to places you’ve never been inside of yourself. To depths you’ve never even knew existed. She will be your best friend, your confidant. She is wild and a free spirit that cannot be tamed or caged. So encourage her to spread her wings and fly beside you, because if you try to clip her wings, she will leave you in the dust! Strong woman scare most men because they are still stuck in the mentality of “provider” financially, but sorry guys, a strong woman will require you to be a provider in ways money can’t buy:

Your Time, Your Effort, Your Energy, Your Respect, Your Support, Your Encouragement, Your Loyalty, Your Character, Your Integrity, Your Vulnerability, Your Ability To Compromise, Your Love, Your Empathy, Having Her Back. For all of this she will give you and not think twice about it! 

You might say, this is too much work, and it may be more work in the long run for you. But trust me when I say, there’s nothing more worth it in the end to have a strong woman by your side. Just ask any man who loves a strong woman and he will tell you the same!


By ~ Tiffany Stiles ©

Metaphysical Life Coach


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