Clearing Negative Entities- Patreon Recording for April 2018

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By Michelle Walling, CHLC

In this recording, I address the cause of the Zombie Apocalypse on the planet. We are in a war for consciousness and energy, and most people carry hijackers, hitchhikers, and implants in their auric fields.

In this session I talk about how people open themselves up for possession and I give self protocol methods for clearing the aura and what to do with the entities once they are removed.

To access this recording for an $8.88 Patreon subscription, click HERE. You also gain access to all of my prior recordings.

If you were a prior Matrix Member, all recordings are now on my Patreon site. You will need to sign up as a new member, as your recurring payment on Matrix has ended so we can move to Patreon.

I mention Eric Raines’ site, Unleashing Natural Humanity for self learning protocols in your own energy field. His site is HERE.

I also mention an experienced energy healer capable of helping to remove entities our of your auric field. Her name is Debora Johnson and her site is Body in Balance and can be found HERE.

HERE is the Cosmic Awakening Show I discussed about neutralizing implants with guest Louisa Love.

About the author:

Michelle Walling, CHLC is a Holistic Life Coach specializing in starseed support. She is an international public speaker, writer, webmaster, and radio show host. In 2013, Michelle started writing spiritual, metaphysical, and esoteric articles for Michelle is the webmaster for, and Michelle is the host of the Cosmic Awakening Show and hosts conferences and workshops in the U.S. and Europe. Michelle’s personal Facebook page can be found here. To contact Michelle or to book a session, please visit Show your support by becoming a Patreon Member for only $8.88 per month and receive access to members only calls, videos, and articles! Click HERE for Michelle’s Patreon page.

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