Energetic Shift Q&A With Michelle Walling

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Energetic Shift Q&A With Michelle Walling

How To Exit The Matrix Editor Michelle Walling takes questions on Facebook, discussing most recent energetic shifts and symptoms.

Let’s talk about the energies. Are you feeling joyful or are you feeling depressed and lonely? Are you having relationship issues? Do you still want to go home or are you feeling more comfortable now? Do you have new and weird ascension symptoms? What has changed in your diet, what is your body craving right now?

Did you experience anything with the Lionsgate portal yesterday? If you didn’t, are you afraid you are doing something wrong? What are your sleep patterns like lately?

Cruise info mentioned in the video: wavesoflight.org

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Note- the name I was trying to remember in the video is not a planet, it was Beelzebub. I got it confused with Betelgeuse in Orion.

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