Clearing Emotional Reactions as You Go

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Are you feeling the speedup of change? Many are. The accelerating pace of the speedup produces an emotional energy, which sometimes can feel like riding a wave but at other times feels like being tossed around or caught in an undertow.

These are not just surfing metaphors. We are talking about real electromagnetic waves generated by another person’s emotional state or by a collective emotional state. That’s why you can feel uplifted by the energy in a room of people listening to a dynamic, positive speaker, or sad and depressed at a funeral of someone you didn’t even know. People’s emotional waves affect themselves and others. We call this emotional energetics.

People need to take emotional responsibility to keep pace with shifting energies that keep speeding up and not let the changing, often chaotic emotional energetics keep getting to them. Here’s an example of how it works. You hear people standing by the copier at work, stressed and complaining, and it causes you to feel more tension and stress. You take out your stress by being impatient with a customer who calls asking for help. The customer gets angry and takes out her stress by yelling at her children.

Because the emotional energetic wave is not going to stop, people need to learn emotional self-management to clear up their emotional stress as they go. You can clear as you go in order to shift your feelings so they don’t spread or back up in your system.

Notice and Ease Through Your Emotional Reactions

The first step is to transform your emotional reactions to stressors arising due to global changes, ongoing uncertainties and insecurities, so that those same reactions don’t keep diminishing your quality of life.

The way to do this is to use the Notice and Ease Tool as soon as you start to feel anxious, tense, worried or sad. It’s important to notice and “befriend” the reaction by holding it in your heart, then letting the feeling ease out of your system. If you try to fight your feelings or try to push them away, they will just gain energy. Befriending your feelings with the Notice and Ease Tool takes the intensity or steam out and helps you clear the passing energy. Keep using this tool for one minute or longer until you feel something lighten up, even if you don’t get to a complete release yet.

Oftentimes you can feel many of these feelings—anxiety, tension, worry and sadness— all within five or ten minutes! Don’t let this confuse you. Don’t even try to figure out why. Just keep practicing Notice and Ease until your energies come back into balance. Then listen to the intuitive guidance of your heart on what to do next.

An easy way to familiarize yourself with this valuable tool is to listen to the audio and review the colorful and informative slides associated with the Notice and Ease Tool on HeartMath Institute’s website. Following are the quick steps of the Notice and Ease Tool:2_Care2-A_Clearing Emotions_443x267px_72

Tool: Notice and Ease

Step 1 – Notice and admit what you are feeling.
Step 2 – Try to name and befriend the feeling.
Step 3 – Tell yourself to e-a-s-e—as you gently focus your attention in the area of your heart, relax as you breathe, and e-a-s-e the stress out.

Feelings are like a code that contains information. You have to name and befriend your feelings to decipher the code. Admit the truth of your feeling and allow new intuitive perceptions to come to you. Observing our emotions and then practicing Notice and Ease helps change our emotional feelings, giving us a new ability to reduce the drain of negative emotions and replace them with emotions that are more renewing.

The simple steps of Notice and Ease will guide you, teaching you to take the intensity out of negative emotions, ease them out and experience more good feelings such as joy, compassion and vitality. These positive emotions will increase the biochemical DHEA, which promotes emotional vitality, slows the aging process and offsets the stress hormone cortisol.

Use the “Notice and Ease Tool” as often as you need to. It will help build your ability to clear as you go. Practice Notice and Ease for one minute or longer whenever you experience any of the following emotions or attitudes such as anxiety, tension, anger, worry and sadness.

As you use Notice and Ease, you will change your emotional response system to clear reactions as you go and prevent stress accumulation. Give the tool a try.

By: Sara, HeartMath Institute

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