Massive Walk Out Of Souls In Preparation For The Shift

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By Michelle Walling, CHLC

Looking back over the last several years, I have witnessed many people drastically changing in my reality. A few seem to be awakening but many more seem to be falling more asleep. It has been confusing to witness but I think I have pinpointed that the many people who seem to be robotic, asleep, or otherwise characterized as NPC’s are the result of a mass clearing of walk out souls in preparation for a massive event that will change everything.

NPC’s (non player characters) can actually be a variety of beings in the matrix. They can be backdrop people as Dolores Cannon describes, which are simply people running the story lines in the background so that the play can keep going through the timeline. You may never even meet some of these people, as they could be warehouse workers, food preparation people, etc. and are a vital part of economy and materialistic reality. These kinds of people could be pure holograms that are manifested materially in order to move energy around.

There are also NPC’s that are projected hologram people from ET’s who may be projecting their consciousness into an “avatar” from a pod somewhere else. These avatars are holographic in nature and look and feel like real bodies. I don’t know a lot about these kinds of NPC’s other than they are inserted into the programming and are allowed to be here for one reason or another. These NPC’s are more like Souled beings that are not actively players int the game.  Then there are also NPC’s that once held a soul that seems to no longer be in the body. These bodies are somehow being either run by the AI matrix or are temporarily being inhabited by a fraction of a soul (perhaps even an animal soul) that can keep the body or avatar alive.

This sounds like it is straight out of a science fiction movie. Sometimes fiction is closer to the truth than what we think. I have studied NPC’s for about six years now, and I have also witnessed a few close people exiting or walking out. One person “froze” as if going “offline” and when coming back online, was a totally different person with a loss of spark in the eyes, the window to the soul. Another person made a phone call to me, telling me that they would be leaving and would not be doing the kind of work that they had done in the past, but that the body would still be here and it would seem that they were still the same but they would indeed be gone out of the body. No other instructions were given about what would be happening in the future for either of these people’s bodies.

In both cases there was a really good reason why the soul was choosing to leave and why I needed to witness this. One reason of course was to help me understand why these people were going to seem different to me, which would help me emotionally so that I would not be confused or to take things personally while witnessing a difference in them. Two reasons a soul might choose to leave are that everything has been accomplished that was planned, or the soul simply is not able to stay as the frequencies continue to shift higher and higher. Some souls are transitioning to another reality where they will get the chance to work through the things they had hoped to accomplish here. Some souls are needed in the higher realms in order to orchestrate more of the planning of the shift of Earth.

The understanding that a soul can leave at this time (as the frequency fences have been dissolving) has been a very well hidden secret. Many times the AI running the body or a new walk in soul talks and acts pretty close to the same as before, and most unawakened people will not know the difference. Other NPC’s definitely will not know the difference. However, sometimes when a new soul completely walks in, there can be a remarkable difference in the personality that will be noticed by those who have eyes to see. The purpose of this article is to focus on the NPC vacant bodies that have been left behind, and I will follow up soon with an updated article on the new walk in souls.

An NPC body that is being run by AI or even by a small fraction of souled consciousness (just enough to get by to fool most people) is a bit like putting the physical vehicle into stasis. However, it still eats, sleeps, and does the contracted things that the original soul did so that contractual agreements can still be fulfilled to the benefit of the other people involved. In some cases where the person was in a low frequency before walking out, the bodies that are left to run on AI could be considered zombies, non souled beings, or the walking dead. Other AI run bodies could just be nice, everyday people simply walking through this timeline. In some cases where a human body does not interact with a lot of people, it literally DOES go into stasis, waiting to be animated as needed.

Why are we here on Earth having to exist side by side by animal consciousness animated bodies or non souled AI walking dead people? Why would we want to stay on Earth if this is what it has come to? These are the questions I have had to struggle with as I heard people in my circles say that over half of the bodies on the planet were NPC’s. I finally got some confirmation of something amazing that changes everything about the way I think about the NPC’s. As I have no tangible evidence until it actually happens, I wish to share it as a “what if” scenario.


How hard would it be for you right now if everyone that you loved and cared for that was not ready or willing to make the shift into a multidimensional/wholly integrated human being were to just drop dead? What if over 50% of humanity could not handle Earth frequencies shifting to 5d and higher? What if there were a large number of souls that have completed their Earth plan and no longer wished to stay here? What if there was a brilliant plan to use perfectly good bodies on Earth to allow higher frequency beings or ET’s to walk into in order to help the planetary shift into a whole new reality, without having to have a mass die off of physical bodies? What would that look like? What if that was the plan and we were a part of helping this to occur in one way or another, even if we didn’t realize it by assisting departing souls or by holding space for an NPC, or even by assisting in healing/preparing these NPC bodies in preparation for them to hold another soul to come?

I feel like it is happening right under our noses! I feel like there are a whole bunch of “empty vessels” (at least 60% or more but fluctuating) that are ready to receive walk ins of a higher nature. Once many of them are successfully filled, we would be co-existing with higher beings and no longer co creating with lower consciousness. Naturally this would cause a shift in the overall collective, assisting us to higher and higher timelines and multidimensional gates which will shift the Earth itself in a natural transition in consciousness and frequency.

This is why we should treat all beings as we would want to be treated and with compassionate witnessing because we never know who or what is inside of them at this time! Talk about non judgment and no prejudice, especially of race and looks! Who or what is inside of a person could change overnight, and some even come and go quickly. There still are some of the NPC’s that are being used by the dark side to trigger us or to steer us into conformity and unawareness but if you are doing your work you will have seen that these people that you interact with are actually able to be steered BY YOU and not the dark! The interaction with the mass un-awakened can seem to come alive as you take charge and become the orchestrator in your own local reality. If you have not experienced this yet, continue to work on your thoughts and emotions towards the positive and pay more attention to how the matrix and people interact with you. This orchestration on a mass scale of awakened forerunners is literally a part of the re-writing of the control matrix and is a vital part in allowing us to focus on activating our DNA vs. dodging bullets from the “Agent Smiths”. It is a break that we have been waiting for, and there are bigger breaks yet to come.

Most importantly, there is a possibility that there could be another mass arrival of walk in souls much bigger than the one I wrote about in 2018 HERE. So if you see many people in your reality suddenly become animated and awakened, you will now know what is happening…either they have a braided aspect of their higher self arriving (waking up) or a whole new soul may have traded place with a walk out soul that either went to another place of experience or simply did what they needed to and went “home”.

Some of the bodies may not do well with the AI running them and they may need to physically expire. Some bodes may not be a good match for the newly attempted walk in as they may be too low in frequency or too sick to repair. But some will work well and may make miraculous recoveries. Now you see the agenda by the V stab… keep the mass walk ins from happening and to force more walk outs and perhaps more negative possessions, although they will not be able to stay as the amount of higher beings increases rapidly on the planet. Finally, who you experience as real or not also depends upon YOUR timeline  shifts and reality. Gosh, I hope all of this resonates and if not, just chalk it up to science fiction and go about your day!

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