Zero Point To Wake Up From The Dream-Remembering Again

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By Ramona Lappin

Super high dimensional Frequencies, Plasmas and Cosmic Rays are re-encrypting and healing our bodies and realities to higher vibrational alignment, and keep flowing in. We are requiring extra rest and support for the body vessel right now, as we’re also still INTEGRATING A LOT from the energies received during the period of the Lion’s Gate. We’ve QUANTUM LEAPED HUUUUGE and collapsed a massive amount of artificial timelines, especially apocalyptic ones, and massive amounts of lower density, energies, entities, frequencies and Consciousness. All to allow for our Divine Blueprints, DNA and Diamond Solar Plasma Lightbodies and Planetary Upgrades and realignments to take place. We’ve leaped further than we imagined was possible! HUGE COMPLETION point for many! The ‘war’ has been won but there’s still rubble to lift and war crimes to be exposed, and people to be held accountable. But still, ALL that has come before goes out the window now..!! The very fabric of our reality is shifting. Of how we thought this all would work. Our belief systems are what set our limits now, and always have been. ALL IS FLUID AND NO-THING IS SET!

You may experience deep mental, emotional, and physical clearings going to the core of your deepest wounds and traumas, as well as heightened states of Consciousness and awareness, states of bliss, downloads and clarity coming in. ALL is going through an accelerated purification and upgrade process and reset of Realities. All impurities, blocks, density, distortions, and all not in alignment comes up to be seen, transmuted, alchemized, healed, and cleared. It’s all unfolding yet one may feel like being in a suspended state. Many are asked to drop into ZERO POINT, into total Neutrality, to collapse the final artificial reality layers and timelines. Zero Pointing it all through radical Neutrality. This doesn’t mean we condone crimes or have no discernment, but we go beyond the duality and polarization of the victim and victimizer programming, beyond judgement, so we can transcend these lower realities all together. By understanding that ultimately it’s all built on thought, energy, Consciousness.. The old Matrix overlay, programs and systems dissolve and held up simply by old memories now within the Collective Consciousness field that is also shifting now. As our memories and perception of what Reality is changes, what we project upon the hologram shifts the realities in turn. As the observer shifts his perception of what he/ she perceived, what we look at changes! We are the projectors and broadcasters and are here to dream a whole new Dream/ Reality into Manifestation, or rather REMEMBER it! Unlock it within our DNA along with The Truth and memories of who we really are!

Realities are constantly shifting. Everything is fluid and no-thing is set now. All of what we have learned and believe to be true is to be questioned, to be held onto lightly as the Consciousness keeps expanding. Our perception of what REAL really is too. No one knows what’s next & that also means limit-less possibilities and potential is at hand! Embracing uncertainty allows for the Flow State. We are not attached to any outcome, always aware, mindful, conscious, listening to our own inner compass, our inner knowing and intuition above all else, which keeps leading us along our path.

We are the peace in the chaos and the lighthouse in the storm.

Allow all to unfold and be. Resting in the Zero Point Field of NO-TIME from where everything becomes accessible, all-ways NOW. Embrace all that arises and just let it be. You will know what to do when it’s time. Let it all go for now. No friction between the opposing states/ polarities/ frequencies/ Consciousness. Resolving all remaining inner conflict by going deeper and deeper within to unravel it all. Let it all be. All just is. Nothing to change. Including and especially anything about yourself, any ‘bad’ habits, anything you’re in judgement of yourself. Just let it be ok. As if someone else was doing it, can you just be neutral about it. Can you neutralize it all on behalf of the Consciousness, especially clearing any guilt, shame or judgement around these programs so the can be transcended? You can’t change anything you’re in resistance to, in judgement of or condemning. It keeps amplifying the very energy you’re resisting. It keeps feeding the beast/s. It’s energetic law. Whatever we resist, persists. That’s why NO FRICTION BETWEEN THE OPPOSING CHARGES / STATES is key!! This is the Embodiment of the new Grid System/ Unityfield/ Trinity-Wave. Doing something but simultaneously judging it f.e. creates an internal conflict and just makes you feel worse. It’s a catch 22. It will drop away when you’re ready. Naturally. Can you love and accept yourself and others unconditionally, allowing all to be perfectly imperfect AS IT IS NOW? Just OBSERVE all as the old movie that it is. This does apply energetically to all and anything! Let the old fall away, withdraw your focus and energy from it so it can do so more effortlessly.

Embrace your inner hurt child as the Divine Feminine and Masculine that you have resurrected. It wants to be seen, heard, loved and acknowledged. It wants you to heal its wounds. Simply by bearing witness and loving it all unconditionally. That’s all that’s required to bring all back to wholeness now. Back to our original innocence. Now all is coming to its conclusion and resolution. Grateful for all the lessons and ready for what’s next! LOVE IT ALL, THEN LET IT GO. Embrace it, celebrate it. Don’t resist, judge and suppress no-thing. Yet keep the balance, keep coming back to center, to your Sacred Crystal Heart and Breath. Connect to Source and your inner Peace that’s always available when you come back to center. All is well. It’s all coming together. There’s simultaneously also been a lot of interference playing old as the old beast takes its last breaths. Especially in the form of psychotronic warfare, such as Frequency weapons and EMF’s. These can directly send thoughts into your mind, such as suicidal or other negative, destructive thought patterns. Usually playing on your existing weaknesses. So, it’s important to CHOOSE which thoughts we believe to be true!! Learn to know the difference between which thoughts are yours and which ones aren’t.

No matter what ‘they’ may try and plan, we’re seeing a collective Monadic merge happening, where more and more of our higher Monadic identities and depending on our Template, Avatar identities and beyond, are merging with our physical vessel. Our Divine Blueprints, DNA, and memories coming online is what makes us unstoppable now! It’s the Key to activating the higher dimensional realities, all interconnected with the Activation of higher dimensional strands of DNA, which serve as the film strip to our Realities!

We are to Collectively REMEMBER OURSELF AS SOURCE INCARNATE! We’re going to see the Multidimensional merge unfolding. This also affects Realities. HOW exactly that’s going to play out I don’t know but I guess that’s half the fun. Everybody wants certainty of what’s ahead but there is none. There is no rule book, no manual. We are to become comfortable with not knowing. The not knowing allows for surprises! Not to mention it is so because we are co-creating how and when we ‘get there’. To fully understand that we do in fact co-create our Realities. The general directive is the only thing that’s set but there are a lot of moving parts! Again, NO-THING IS SET, WE ARE QUANTUM. Linear doesn’t work here and linear based thinking is what binds you to lower 3/4D Realities. See it as a coordinate, a point of orientation, but don’t focus too much on it, otherwise nothing is ever possible now. We are to transcend time to go fully Multidimensional. We will be remembering who we truly are and our gifts and abilities will get hugely amplified now. Also resulting in beautiful Soul family reUNIONS & New Earth Projects coming online faster now. ALL accelerates and all becomes possible when we come together in Unity. As many now complete Inner Divine Union to bring it all about. All a Divine Orchestration of The ONE CONSCIOUSNESS. I believe this is happening over linear time but at one point accumulates / accelerates to a specific saturation/ ACCRETION POINT where we’re all just going to ‘WAKE UP FROM THE DREAM’ within the dream and ALL REMEMBER AGAIN. All available and all-ready happened in NO-TIME! ALL-WAYS NOW. That’s all there ever is.

The ‘Future is still unwritten’, we get to co-create and activate these higher dimensional realities now accessible as we walk our path, it’s simultaneous. We are to believe in ourselves and trust one another again, trust that after all we’ve been through and no matter what things may look like on the outside (hologram) that a VERY BRIGHT FUTURE awaits us and that all things are possible now, especially when we BELIEVE! Remembering the power and the responsibility we hold with our every word, thought, belief and action!!

In FULL CONFIDENCE, TRUST and FAITH in ourselves and God Source/ Higher Consciousness and in the GOoDness of humanity, as we rise in our Power, that arises from deep within! We have to project a new version of Reality onto the hologram to experience one. Letting go of any remaining fear, doubt, disbelief, insecurities, anything holding us back from fulfilling our true potential. Anything keeping us small and in victim Consciousness. Us fully rising in our Power is us fully believing in it!! All we need to know we will know when we need to know it. Until then, rest, recharge, refill and nurture your vessel which is going through the Transformation of many lifetimes, all culminating here.. no-thing to force, rush, control, manipulate.


Organically, naturally..

As all-ways, please only take what resonates and supports your journey and leave the rest.

Eternal Love & Blessings,


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