Hold The Line- The Ongoing Starseed And Indigo Mission

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By Michelle Walling, CHLC
Editor, Howtoexitthematrix.com

The Starseed and Indigo Mission includes the ability to be in the “now” moment and to use the technology that is the human body to witness timelines in order to shift the collective out of the less desirable timelines and into higher and newly created timelines. Lisa Renee perfectly describes this in the following video from 2011.

This video comes from Lisa’s Energetic Synthesis You Tube channel.

I have followed Lisa’s work for many years and have been able to extract key pieces of information that align with what is happening in front of me as I walk through the end of the main timeline or story to the “end of time”.

If you are feeling like you have not been contributing enough to the shift of consciousness during this war on consciousness, just look back to where we were and how far we have come to see that just by being you, by not being drawn into narratives, by expanding and integrating higher consciousness, and by bring the compassionate witness to what is happening “out there”, you have been silently voting for something different through the power of the gift of Source that enables a consciousness to witness an event and to shift the outcome through that witnessing.

Keep on “being” human, holding the line (not necessarily via the anti-vaccine agenda but by witnessing the agenda itself), and trust and know that we ARE changing reality just by being here and staying as balanced and centered as possible.


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