How To Exit The Matrix Updates 2022

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By Michelle Walling, CHLC

It’s time for an update that could not be shared for a long time, due to many reasons. For one, I got tired of playing whack-a-mole, where one person takes the heat to share info and gets attacked until they have to retreat and then another brave warrior stands up to continue the information stream. The time is right to share a few things now because we are being shown much information that we could only be receiving and understanding once we were at the end of the reality. Please take what you need and leave the rest. Everyone has their own perspective of what is happening, I do not wish to push my perspective on anyone but instead to provide information that may bring peace and understanding to the current moment.

Many of us cannot keep a secret because we are so compassionate that we want to share information with our comrades. So we get our memories wiped from team light at night as to what the plan is and what we are doing on another level, and the dark also implements their attacks through frequency and codes or “implants”. We forget a lot and we needed each other for reminders that there WILL be an end to this insanity. We needed to remember that we are in a holographic matrix, that this copy that we are in is not real, and that even in the copy there is a clock that when it strikes midnight, opens the door.

It has been said that for four rounds of the clock striking midnight (four books of life), no human has exited through natural ascension. When Atlantis fell, the souls of Atlantis were pulled into an alternate reality through the technology that caused the reality to “fall”. I feel like the best description is that Atlantis fell into the inversion of itself through a black hole. Those who are reading this are either a part of the souls that fell into this inverted holographic matrix, or they are volunteers that are here to help those souls. We are also here with “backdrop people” (not real souled people) that the dark beings use to hop in and out of in order to influence us. Lastly, the NPC’s are the soulless biological holographic bodies left here without a soul, running on the AI system. Many times when one soul vacates, a dark soul or AI soul inhabits the body if it does not die. Once you understand what has happened, you will see this was not all detrimental, as we don’t have a bunch of dead bodies lying around. The whole goal of this false matrix is to continually harvest our energy so that they can perpetuate this energy sucking matrix copy that they created.

All upper dimensions were also infiltrated by the dark, so even at the fifth dimensional level, you could be vibrated up to there but still be in the matrix. Your “higher self” could also be influenced as the Anunnaki had technology which could help them travel to that frequency. The dark wanted to take over all of the creation of the dimensions and use the souls to fuel their immortality, and to keep these souls in their creation. We could have still tried an ascension into the upper realms if there wasn’t infiltration there as well. However, we still need to continue to increase our frequency because it is the only way to get OUT through the door/exit/gate.

Around 2020, we as a collective of souls helped the collective vibrate from a third dimensional frequency within the copy to a fourth dimensional frequency. Much of the higher dimensional infiltrations have been cleaned up as well as many of the fallen Anunnaki, Draco, and Greys have been sent back to “Source”. The main problem recently was the AI programs they put into place to keep running in the event that they were caught. Also, Inanna had sent all of herself in here within many different bodies with the ability to jump around, in, and out. Enki was also here and was working with Inanna in one moment and against her in the next. He very much liked jumping in and out of bodies of males that could have sex with human females. It was very challenging to find “them” when they were broken up into copies of themselves everywhere. What we were in the middle of was a war within the copy as to who was going to own us. Technology (and merging with AI) was the main weapon they have used against us.

I have been in contact with many people who have suffered greatly from the AI programs of attack as well as many grey beings posing as light beings. Things like astral raping, inserted nightmares, turning loved ones against us- none of it was real but all of it felt very real. We have been traumatized on every level that we can think of. All hell had broken loose, but it seems that things have started a turn for the better. The nightmares have lessened, the astral attacks have lessened, and the planet continues to be bathed with higher frequencies that are meant to prepare us for an event that will pull us out of this matrix “copy”. We are starving the control matrix (copy) creators of our energy and they are being “fried” with the one true Source Creator’s energy. Many are trying to leave or to hide underground but there is no way out for them. They had been given many chances and opportunities to grow and to work on themselves just as we did, and many of them not only refused but wanted to take down as many souls as possible with them to be recycled back to Source. They wanted to take the ship down if they could not keep it. When you break Universal law, you are not allowed to take the results of your experiments forward. We are in very intense times, yet with this knowledge you can be at peace with yourself and the process.

It is my understanding that we are not following normal protocol anymore to exit from the matrix. The idea and programs of organic ascension are still here in this copy, from the original. That is very confusing to the spiritual groups because it is embedded in their knowing of their DNA. But many can’t see WHERE we are (the Underworld) and that it became corrupted with a virus (DNA re-programming). Since we are in a copy of the creation (the original man was mixed with reptilian/Anunnaki (Draconian) DNA- and more), we would just be ascending through to the next level of the Anunnaki creation. Something different is being done and we are assured that everything is on target.

What we will be doing is to EXIT this matrix, and we have help from our own spirit OUTSIDE OF THE MATRIX as well as the company of the REAL HEAVEN. We are indeed being rescued by our spirit that is not trapped inside this cube. It has seemed like we were in an impossible and ridiculous situation with so much disinformation being spread by dark posing as light as well as our comrades that were under heavy mind control. As people did exit their bodies became NPC’s which ran the programs as well to affect the trapped souls. All were trying to convince us that we needed this distorted, hacked up version of this body with the reptilian brain and no one told us that we had an incorruptible body that was eternal outside of the matrix. No one told us we were forced into a copy that resembled a cube with no exit. No one told us that they had changed ALL of history and were forcing the Stockholm Syndrome onto us- making us fall in love with our captors. No one told us that we were manifesting the atrocities against us with inserted thoughts, as we were frustrated, confused, and fighting each other. We were being programmed to love being here and to accept it as reality.

For every real Archangel there was a dark copy. There was a real Jesus and there were many posers- copies that used Jesus’ teaching and inverted them. There was an organic ascension plan and a fake one to harvest New Agers. There were real “masters” that had ascended to higher realms and there were posers of the same beings. We have been tricked and lied to on every level possible. Many of us found that we weren’t seeing positive results from many of our spiritual practices so we just had to stop everything we thought we knew and start from square one. That was remembering who we are and figuring out where we are, and figuring our how to change our reality. Voting to change our reality was the WILL we had to accelerate the exit (our old programming called this ascension). You could metaphorically say we are exiting out of the INNER HUB DOOR, or EAST GATE rather than at the 12th dimensional stargate.

Much of the confusion is fading away now as we remember who we are, why we are here, and that there is a definite end to the madness. One way or another we will be leaving and the copy will collapse upon itself. We do not deserve to be here. We have done much work from the “inside”, even if we didn’t remember what our “astral” body has done while we were sleeping. The volunteers have ALREADY HELPED MOVE SOME SOULS INTO OTHER WORLDS OUTSIDE OF THE MATRIX. This has been the reason for the massive numbers of NPC’s. Those closest to you are mostly already gone out of here and taken care of, and you have helped!! These are concepts that we could not really see or report on until the job was almost complete. This is why you may feel so alone and want to go home so badly.

The reincarnation trap is over, that was a ruse to keep us in the copy over and over. Many who have already left their physical body behind have done so because they needed to exit but could not take the energetic shift mentally, emotionally, or physically. Their spirit has already called them home. This paradox could be considered a success as they are now free of the matrix thanks to the many benevolent helpers inside and outside of the matrix..

I give you this short summary so that you can let go of a few important things:

One is that if you are physically ill or weak, you do not have to worry about not “ascending”! Our souls are going to exit and we are not taking the bastardized/ill copy with us. We have a “incorruptible” body that we are going to, or some of the spirits will choose their spirit form.

Another reminder is that there aren’t too many “real” benevolent souls left here. Those of us ready to go to the higher realms outside of the matrix, what we call “home”, volunteered to be here until everyone was out that needed to before this copy collapses. WE are holding it together, WE have inserted anti viral programs into the computers, and WE are taking it down. WE will leave exactly when the time is right, all at once, and no one will piggy back on us as we exit. Be warned of the programs that are still running to get us to fight with each other. None of it is real, it is all created to generate LOOSH.

The final thing I would like to share is that we are almost to the end of the suffering. What has occurred is unimaginable and what will occur is unimaginable. Try not to have any expectations, know that no one inside knows the exact date or time of our huge frequency shift/exit, and everyone will be accounted for. What you can do right now is to be as kind as possible, work just enough to pay your bills, take care of your family the best you can without feeling overwhelmed or overburdened. If you are called to be “still”, do not feel guilty for being still. Your soul has a frequency that is important here and your spirit is preparing you to exit. You do not need to expend a lot of energy “serving” others at this time unless you are specifically called to. Do what makes you feel good or what you are responsible for and let go of any other responsibility to help others (most aren’t souled beings anymore, we already helped them out!). Have faith and knowing that we will reap the rewards of our suffering.

The more we understand these things, the faster we accelerate toward the end of the skit. Many of us share our feelings with each other that this could not possibly last another year. We see so many people suffering with “impossible situations”- no money, no where to turn, no friends or family left. This MUST mean that we are almost done. Hang in there! See you at the party!

Side note: I have been sharing much more information along these lines on my Patreon channel, where I could speak more freely without being shut down.

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