Do You Believe In An Afterlife?

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By Jason Breshears

I was asked today, “Do you believe in an afterlife?”

Gave me pause. My mind raced because of the conundrum presented. Such a question implies that one is alive right now, and to attempt to convince someone that they are currently in a dream state and their life has not truly begun, is virtually impossible.

My core belief is that the TRUE me is being fashioned, that every avatar I become lives out a life time of experiences that are holographically imprinted upon the fabric of my spirit.

Every life-death cycle accrues an accretion of knowledge and experience but with a different perspective than the life before. Layers of awareness absorbed into the eternal being that is becoming Me. Each layer forgetful of the avatar before.

Every journey begins in pure innocence but every personality molded by the conditions it finds itself in.

At the end of this cycle the reward is clear. Layers and layers of holographic templates preserving learning, generosity, growth, empathy, pursuits, intents all accrued in various life times now all threaded together in an eternal garment the real Me will wear. The negatives are burned away and what remains is a personality who now remembers every life, deed and experience and enjoys the benefits of fulfillments of all things sought for in the dream state that are now a part of the divine reward.

The Afterlife…it is the sum totality of what took me thousands of years to become.

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