From Lies To Truth

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By Jason Breshears

It is a hard thing to accept that we have been lied to. It is even more difficult to come into contact with data that uncovers that most of what we assumed was truth is actually false.

But there is a design to this madness. The very fabric of our world operates on a default of negativity that empowers deceit while stifling truth. This phenomenon is ancient.

Great teachers of old told the people lies to save them, explosive oratory in the form of legends, folk lore and parables, which are lies that convey deeper truths. Jesus taught in parables, every story a fiction that concealed facts for those who perceived them.

Fables of The Golden Bough, the writings of Joseph Campbell, Katherine Briggs and so many others…great fairy tales built on a scaffolding of untruths that hid elements of real reality.

This world is a copy, a fiction, the Dreamtime that we pompously regard as the true reality despite so many evidences. We exist within the anti-arithmetic, a photo-negative of truth. And while we live this lie it is lies and deceptions that teach us our way.

“The critics are raving…” for a movie that hasn’t even been seen yet. The published Mission Statement for almost every organization in the world is the exact opposite of what they accomplish.

In a world empowered, built upon and protected by a vast apparatus of falsity, upon greater scrutiny we begin to realize why the oldest texts are so packed with duplicities. The Koran, the Bible, the Vedas, the Zend Avesta, Talmud and so many others were offered to provide divine truths in the dressings of lies to bypass this world’s firewalls, to penetrate the psyche that usually accepts the deceits of the Simulacrum. These were deliberate constructions for the elect and awakened to feed their souls, to allow them to comprehend their dilemma, to see through the darkness of deception by a understanding that the these holy scriptures were spiritual instruction manuals armoring the saved from the condemnation of this holographic maelstrom of lies.

They were never meant to be taken literally.

Our entire present awareness is a parable.

But all stories will end when there’s no one left to make the leap from lies to truth. When this holography collapses we will be returned to an existence where the default programming is positive, where truths are axiomatic and deception is the anomaly not the norm.

This book in my library inspired these thoughts. The actual message in the book is about how we are saturated with deceit from birth to death.

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