How To Reveal Curses, Spells, And Energetic Daggers In Order To Exit The Matrix

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By Michelle Walling, CHLC, Editor-
Video by Chloe Hudson, World Peace Projects

This may be one of the most important topics right now, and having the internet available to us may be one of the major keys in finally freeing us from the karmic loops that have been imposed upon us through the dark forces. Remember, the entities that need our life force energy to continue to exist have devised a plan where they create a program for destruction, and most follow it with out realizing it. The technology used in order to do so has become so far advanced in its implantation within our reality that they can simply sit back and watch the orchestration of chaos and destruction without getting any blood on their own hands.

We have been pitted against each other through the ability to use thoughts and words against others, most especially the ones we love. Our energetic ability to cast spells, curses and energetic daggers toward another has become our most powerful weapon with out even realizing it. This “hexed” energy is the root of all evil when it comes to relations with other humans. Past lives with someone may even reveal where the first dagger originated from, and therefore each time you meet someone in a lifetime, the one who received the bad energy probably has not cleared it, and without knowing it they have become a magnet for more of that type of energy. Then upon meeting that person in this lifetime, a connection is automatically made between the two and that bad energy begins to manifest if it was not resolved in another life. Out of self defense, a person will reflect that energy back to sender, or in some cases hold onto it and let it fester within them. Holding onto bad energy causes immense blockages within a person’s energy field and over time will probably lead to DIS- EASE.

Because of unresolved dissonant energetic blockages and the defenses that one has toward another who unknowingly sends it, humanity has gotten trapped within a perpetual pattern of chaos and destruction. There is a mixture of human vs. human along with archontic energy attacks on top of the traumas we already carry. The fact that one already has unresolved trauma allows for more attacks to be received by that person by RESONANCE. This loop need to be resolved NOW, in this lifetime, so you can not only keep from reincarnating again in order to balance your “karmic debt”, but our goal is also to be able to exit the matrix/illusion/simulation completely.

Clearing curses, spells, energetic darts, hexes, and a host of other dark, sticky energy can be easier than you think. Because of who we are, it mostly can be done by the awareness and intention to do so. Methods and behaviors align up and begin to unfold in your reality for you to have what you need to do “the work”. It is imperative that we become responsible for our own thoughts, actions, and words (swords) toward another. Words in this reality have been distorted in such a way that the energetic emotion of anger, jealousy, frustration, hate, etc. can be attached to a word and sent across to another’s energetic field. The crazy thing is that just by having the thought and brewing on the situation between you and another can astrally project that energy across the world to another’s energy field. Brooding on a situation where you are angry at another person can literally make that person feel ill.

Once you become responsible for being the sender of such energy, the next step is to create a neutral field within you that can dissipate any energy that is being sent to you, either knowingly or unknowingly. This can be achieved through cutting cords and connections with another, forgiving them completely, (for they know not what they do). We can learn to compassionately witness another’s dark emotions without having the magnetic energetic field to receive them. The reason unconditional forgiveness works so well for a person is that it clears their own energy field, allowing them to move on regardless of the reasons behind the hurt in the first place. This sometimes is one of the hardest things to do, especially if another person continued to hurt you a thousand times over, whether consciously or unconsciously.

In the times that we are in now, we realize that we have grown “sick and tired” of many people, no matter how close they are to you (even parents, siblings, and children) if they have become so traumatized that they become toxic energetic machines. Energetic cords are created when people interact with each other, which is supposed to allow for an exchange of good vibes and love which leads to balanced unity. If a person is unwilling to take responsibility for themselves, the sad realization in these times is that we simply have to resort to looking out for ourselves and resolve our own issues in a safe and healing manner so that we can end our own suffering. We end up having to sequester ourselves from such toxicity. Another stark realization is that the matrix is a “hall of mirrors”, and if a person sends out such energy to another who is capable of deflecting it, it returns (sometimes tenfold) back to you and you end up attacking yourself!

Trained energy healers that have the ability to “see” energetic blocks within you and follow the origin of the energy can help you dissolve the revolving door of darts and swords. Many times you can receive some of this energy from someone you’ve never met! Let’s say you accidentally cut them off on the road or perhaps one woman has programming of jealousy and sees another woman in a restaurant that she desires to look like. A jealous dart is sent her way just with a thought. The amount of opportunity for being a target of these energies is unfortunately one of the most prevalent ways humanity is attacking itself (under the influence of other entities who are pulling the puppet strings). Perhaps you are capable of (seeing) your own energy field and can clear yourself, but if you do not have this ability, you can certainly still clear most sticky energy with intention, grounding, nature, and a positive, clean, and loving environment. Thus that is why our environment is nasty with trash and un-kemp places, nature is becoming unbalanced, and negativity programs prevail. Kids are staying indoors glued to their games and computers, and tv’s. Many people are stuck indoors most of the workweek behind a desk or in a building. It may seem like the odds are stacked against us, but we are getting help through information, energy being sent from Source, and volunteers who have come here to be a part of the “boots on the ground” clean up crew.

Thankfully we have received a divine dispensation from our higher self, oversoul, and creator in order to finally help free us from our self imposed prisons. The energy that is coming to the planet RIGHT NOW can dislodge these dark, sticky energies, allowing them to be seen, felt, and transmuted. There are many informed energetic transmuters on the planet that are coming into their power. The more that one or a hundred persons do this kind of work, it can transmute a multitude for the collective who are ignorant and uninformed. For those who never learn to take responsibility for their own energetic tragedy, their higher being “outside of the matrix” has orchestrated their next reality/simulation somewhere else, free of programming and deliberate suppression so that they can once and for all have a chance to be good, do good, and learn to live in peace and harmony. This is what earns their right to eventually go “home” or graduate, whether that place is named heaven or simply “outside of the construct”. It has been said that some of humanity have been stuck here for 4 books of life, or rounds of brahma, without graduating or exiting. I feel like the reincarnation trap tied to energetic karma is one of the main reasons why, along with frequency fences and poisonous environments.

Coming into your own power by having information about what is happening and what we can do about it has the ability to BREAK DOWN THE PROGRAMMING IN THE MATRIX for all of humanity. This article was inspired by an excellent video by Chloe Hudson from her World Peace Projects Youtube channel. Please watch this video below for specific ways to break your own dark energy cycle. Another method of getting to the root of “karmic ties” is to have a hypnotherapy session with a trained practitioner. I have supported Candace Craw Goldman’s method of BQH (beyond quantum healing) from its inception. Candace has also created a database of qualified practitioners to choose from on Quantum Many practitioners now do online sessions, and this proved to be a huge move just in time for the CV restrictions. I also offer a 10% discount code-  exitthematrix10 off of Candace’s’ class if you would like to learn how to become a quantum healer practitioner by using Candace’s teachings (click HERE for more information).

If you really want to do “the work” we should be doing RIGHT NOW, with the assistance of the energies being sent to us and with the information we now have, in my opinion THIS IS IT:

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