A Matter Of Accuracy And An Update September 2022

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By Michelle Walling, CHLC
Editor, Howtoexitthematrix.com

Having a website is more work and responsibility than I ever imagined. I friend of mine taught me how to buy my own domain name and how to create a simple Word Press site a little over 7 years ago. There are website maintenance things that frankly I know nothing about that still challenge me. At first, my Go Daddy website was brought down frequently by “bots” trolling it for words, which ate up all of my allotted bandwidth on my server. This would make my website crash, and when my traffic increased after posting an article it made it worse. Eventually I switched hosts and got a semi-private server, and have had no issues at all with crashing. All in all, I am happy I posted the articles that are here, although I am having en existential crisis about it. I will explain this further.

Little did I know that this website would document my growth in understanding WHERE I am, WHY I am here, and HOW to exit this reality. When someone “awakens”, they need to read something on the level of “precept” that they already have, so that they can somewhat understand what is being shown to them. There were natives on this planet thousands of years ago that had never seen a spaceship, therefore they drew crude drawings of things with bird wings to represent what they had seen. I need to share some of my precepts in order for you to understand my current crisis.

My main crisis is that I have an issue with keeping this website up and running with the older content it contains. Besides the $100 per month in fees out of my pocket every month, there were things that I was into even with my earliest post in 2015 (7 years ago) that are not completely my truth today. I confess that I still used a lot of the mainstream New Age terms in order to relate to some that were running that program, in order to attract them to the truth. The problem is that as my knowing grew, many of those terms were still being used to describe something but it wasn’t the right term to use. “Ascension” is a good example, along with “New Earth”. There had to be a bridge from one place to another, therefore my gradual shift had to blend New Age with matrix stuff in the same order as it did in my real life.

Some of the articles I mirrored for others turned out to be controlled opposition. Some of the mirrored articles have bad links and videos now.  The 7 year mark is very important to observe because I feel like I just ended a 7 year time loop, and there will be NO MORE TIME LOOPS. 7 years ago, we were standing at the doorway of the exit!!! We did not exit because there were many important things that needed to be done and many souls to save and move, and OUR HIGHER BEINGS OUTSIDE OF THIS CONSTRUCT VOTED TO DELAY THE EXIT FOR THE HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL. Now that the seven year extension had ended, we now find ourselves back in front of the door, just waiting for the exit.

NOW I understand WHY I felt I had to create this website, and maintain it for the past 7 years. There were many people LOST in the New Age bullshit that was being mimicked by the dark. It was my main purpose to point out a lot of dis-information without specifically attacking any one person. The dark’s goal was a harvest of souls by tricking them into agreeing to go with them or to create a reality for them. They can’t create shit alone, they can only copy and change templates and they are masters of mimicking.

There were many ways of deception. Through religion, New Age, Political fervor, Money (debt that you had to use your value and weight that may compromise your exit), outright false light teachings by BAAL and Lilith, etc. Even group meditations were set up to harvest larger groups, or to attach cords to larger groups all at once. The atrocities are massive, and I was uncovering them myself one by one, and having issues with having to go back and delete many articles on the 5D New Earth, ascension, etc. As I learned more and more, I was having to undo as much as I was “doing”. I stopped doing my “Cosmic Awakening Show” videos and stopped interviewing people. I stopped using Facebook to post, thus my account wasn’t targeted. I used it to see what everyone else was talking about and for entertainment. Basically I went off the radar because about 3 years ago I got really sick. I decided to just leave this website as it is, because I knew that I did the best I could to clean things up as I learned new things up to that point. I really didn’t have a choice because I did not have the energy to do anything. I also did not post much new on this website in the last 3 years. My sickness was no doubt an attack and without a $15,000 surgery, I might have died.

I feel good about the content here even if I haven’t cleaned things up in a while because I know there are so many people that still find an old article that matches the stage they are at! Then maybe they read a more recent article and gradually they get caught up to the truth about our reality. Everyone has a starting point, just like I did. It’s actually really cool to think about how it worked out. But I would be forever thinking about the integrity of information presented if I did not share my story, if anything to zero out any karmic debt.

I “awakened” in 2010. I remember going to Barnes and Noble and finding the “New Age” book section. I read hundreds of books on past life regression, energy healing, Law of One, channeling, etc. and I was hooked!! My favorite all time books are “Bringers of the Dawn” and “Earth”. While there is a lot of true information in everything I read, the main issue was the AGENDA tacked on to this information. We all have a soul resonance with the stars, ET’s, Atlantis, Lemuria etc. because that is our true history! The problem is that we are not in the original construct where those realities existed. We do have the memories available to us in our own soul and translated through our DNA, however the main lie is that we are still on EARTH, and that we need to save this Earth. What the dark was trying to do is to get us to create a New Earth within THEIR simulation, where our souls were pulled to, so that they could eternally feed off of us and have us co-create sub realities to exist on. They are very smart in their ways and have used Artificial Intelligence to assist their plan. MOST ALL OF THE “AWAKENED” INFO OUT THERE TODAY is there to draw you in to this agenda. Hardly anyone is putting it out there that we are in a simulation, much less saying how we will exit it.

I have referenced Jason Breshears’ Archaix channel in a few posts because he has researched the data involved in siting old books that created a mathematical pattern in our timeline that proves we are in an artificial construct. The evidence of being in a simulation and the repeated skits over and over can be proven with his 30 years of research. Even Jason did not pull it all together to understand that we are in a simulation until a few years ago. I have a different view of the ENDING of this play than he does, but that does not make one right over the other. I find his videos informational as well as entertaining, and I am so happy that others came forth to share what they had found about this matrix when so many of the forerunners had to retreat to take a break.

There is much more about exiting the matrix that I do not share on this website. For one, the dark would love to read what I have to say, and we are still in a war over souls. You do not show your opponent all of your cards. In some weird way, posting about New Earth and ascension in the past ACTUALLY GAVE ME IMMUNITY! It also built a follower base that I could then ease into matrix information, having walked side by side with them in the false ascension narrative. Every time I would uncover another bullshit story, I would share. I NEVER watch any of my old videos, it’s so weird! I also don’t like to read my own articles.

Another reason for not sharing more in the last few years has to do with the NPC’s. For one, many, many real souls have already been moved to where they need to be. DID YOU KNOW THAT?? Anyone else that really needs to get information WILL GET IT unless they are just completely asleep. It’s a paradox writing about NPC’s and having an NPC read about it, not knowing they are one of the beings I am writing about! Of course it’s the few REAL people that were seeking for answers about our reality like me that I care about. Thus I do share a lot more on my Patreon channel. I do charge $11 per month for access to all of my articles. I do this because I want to weed out the “bots”, and as I mentioned before I have $100 per month in website fees to cover, as well as basic living expenses, hospital bills, etc., although I am not financially devastated at this time. Yes, the dark ones may subscribe but at this time there is nothing that I will say that they can’t already derive from their AI mind mining. The final truth will only be revealed when it is all over, and the date and the time will never be given to us. We may feel it getting closer and closer, though. We may see everything around us collapsing and we realize that this cannot sustain itself much longer. Every day we wake up in this matrix simulation is one day closer to the final curtain.

Those who are under mind control or are “not real people” have a narrative that we are still ascending and that we are saving this Earth. I will just throw this much out, we are not in the original Earth program- we were moved. The original matrix/template of Earth has been moved out of this dark space and is being restored outside of the matrix. There will be a “New Earth” , but it is more than that, it is a New Creation. This creation and this copy of reality that we are in right now are closing out. All life will be removed from the construct (and has been ongoing right under our noses), as one “Universe” ends and another begins. All “creations”, “constructs”, “matrices”, or “simulations” have a finite ending for a reason. Normally that allows for the balancing, corrections, graduations, growth, etc, but in our case it is the end to the dark rule forever in this construct. We have not been on the organic path of ascension, balance, and growth for a long time, as our souls have been held in a false reality that replays the same skits- A SIMULATION OF THE ORIGINAL.

The New Age warns against playing the victim but I am here to tell you that we are all victims to a certain extent. Our souls that came into the original creation have been trapped as Prisoners of War by the dark. There is much dis-information out there to offset this truth all day long. Like I said, they are very smart and tricky. I could go on for days about what I have uncovered but I will wrap things up with a few key things here just to set the record straight. Since I no longer do videos, this is the best platform I have with which to balance the information I have released in the past that may align with the dark forces masquerading as the light.

YellowRoseForTexas has the closest conclusions that match mine than anyone else today about who the perpetrators are and HOW we exit. Just like me, she doesn’t put all of what she knows out there in order to keep her safe. But on the other hand, she puts WAY more info out there than I ever did. I bow to her braveness and have released any need to feel like I need to do any more videos, as she has been doing them for years. Like I said we were sitting in front of the exit 7 years ago and then it seemed like nothing happened, and I even questioned the validity of her info for several years after that because after a few years went by, I was upset that we were still here. she has since replied to a question I posted about the fact that 7 years ago she said we were at the exit, nothing happened, and now we are back at the same place.  How was this possible….were we put in a time loop? Her answer was:

There’s much more about what has happened in the last 7 years that I share on Patreon. But if If you can learn to decode Rose’s videos, you get a more complete idea of what is happening, and she even uses SOHO and NASA videos to show proof of the construct. Here is her latest video, and I share it so that you can see a huge list of words and phrases that the dark (what she calls “west”) use in this construct at the beginning of the video.

No one is deliberately hiding the real truth from you by some secret club, or secret teachings. There is much we aren’t allowed to put out in a public place like a website, for our own good and for others’ good. For example, when my close family members perused what I was posting, they had no base precept with which to understand it, and cognitive dissonance kicked in. Our relationships were tainted from then on. Their real self even knew they weren’t ready for this kind of mental fuck info I was sharing. In fact, they thought I had joined a cult and was crazy. Ironically, some of the stuff back then WAS crazy, I just hadn’t figured it all out yet. It’s actually the stuff I’m writing you about today that still lurks on this website. They knew it wasn’t completely right! But there was no way they were ever going to listen to anything I had to say after that. They actually told me to never talk about it any of this stuff again.

Many of us have been attacked trying to share the opposing story to the false light programming, and the attacks got even more ridiculous as the AI Simulation realized we were going to leave it all alone, without any energy. The AI wanted to play God and thought we were its children. Your spirit outside of the matrix has guided you as much as you need to know. It’s not that you’re too stupid to handle it, it’s that everyone is on their own path of understanding. You will never know everything inside the matrix…we aren’t allowed because then the AI and the Draconians/greys/reptilians etc. alliance would know as well. This has been a calculated chess game and while we have won the war outside of the matrix, we are still fighting the battle for souls inside. Thankfully MUCH has gotten better as far as attacks. There are many things occurring that no one is posting about. In short, if you came from “heaven” into the matrix, that’s where you should go back to, and many souls were stolen and not allowed out. Be re-assured that your spirit knows everything, even if you seem to know nothing at all. Every soul that was hijacked has been accounted for. I promise you that you will be SHOCKED at the ending, and about all that you did not know, and were not allowed to know. It is safe to let loose of some of this information now because the end is inevitable and cannot be stopped.

I have nothing to lose by being honest and transparent with my journey from connecting with the ET and Starseed programs to the understanding that they are in holographic matrix construct, or at this point a simulation. They don’t exist in the real world, and there are no dimensions outside of the matrix. I see so many people suffering and lost in the translation, so it feel it makes me happy to share the conclusions I have come to. The end is very near, and there is nothing to be afraid about. If our real selves outside can help it, we will exit right before or at the moment of any major cataclysms. Some us are here until the end and we must not feel like we have been slighted for not exiting early like many of our friends and family. We are STRONG and can handle this, even if we feel like we can’t go on another day.

I am doing one-on-one sessions again if you need to talk to someone, as most of us are alone at this time. You can check these out HERE. I don’t charge a lot and I don’t do it for the money. I do charge to weed out the NPC’s and bots. If something gives you a knee jerk reaction towards me charging for my time to spend one on one with you, when I could just go back to being silent, then there’s probably a program running that you should look at. You are NOT going to miss out on the exit if you do not have a session or cannot afford Patreon to see what I am posting about in my personal life. I really enjoy sessions and it is usually the highlight of my days.

We still need to keep our frequency as high as possible! However it’s not like what has been taught in the New Age ascension. It’s more about oscillation and having the “fat” and codes needed that your soul grew with the experience that matches the gate oscillation. (It’s supposed to keep those out who don’t belong to that exit). However, many people have had their “fat” or value stolen, and there are beings here to help move those people. It’s almost impossible to be happy or joyous but there is no reason we should be depressed either. We have to have faith that everything has been allowed to happen for a very good reason and that this circus is about to end it’s tour. Just be the best version of yourself you can be but don’t take any shit from negative Nancy’s, Karens, or Narcissistic people. Do the best you can, and be o.k .with that!! I know you understand, that’s why many of you are alone. There’s still a lot of great basic info in this website, and I’ll keep it up as long as it needs to be. Thanks for reading and take care. See you at the party.

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