Cosmic Energy Update- Divine Unions Birth Forth All New Worlds!!

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By Ramona Lappin
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The lower 3Dimensional realities have now fully collapsed and have been rolled up, and we’re focused on, and finishing, the clearing of the physical and 4D astral field, which is also connected to our Heart centre and emotional body. This so also healing the split between the genders, dimensions, realities, lower and upper body, Earth and Heaven, lower and higher Self.
We’re HEALING ALL THROUGH THE POWER OF DIVINE LOVE at a deep cellular memory level, Cosmically re-birthing as ONE from within the STILL POINT, in Divine Neutrality and Love of the Holy Trinity and Zero Point Field of NO-TIME whatsoever!
Right now is much about is bringing Heaven to Earth as we fully anchor these God Source and Cosmic Consciousness Frequencies, keys and codes. BEing FULLY PRESENT IN OUR BODY.
Hierogamic Unions are bringing Heaven back to Earth, as their Diamond Rose and Emerald Heart’s and Crown’s, body and Soul’s merge as ONE, our New Eden births forth and the old fully dissolves.
Only when each One is in Divine Union with Self, feeling whole and complete, can they come to true Divine Union with One another, otherwise more pain and suffering often occurs as both complete their healing process, which has now happened for the Forerunners. This ignites our New Earth Ascension Realities fully now!
As we heal, we start to see people differently, which changes them too. As we now start to see through the Eye’s of God’s Love and higher Consciousness perception, we help the Collective heal too, as ALL is truly ONE. Now that we have healed our wounds and traumas, the same happens for our and the Planetary Morphogenetic field.
Twinflames/ Twinrays/ Divine Counterparts now have ONE shared energy field as well as individually, within the Holy Trinity as they have merged as ONE with Source and ALL of life everywhere! The separation and MERGING has been successfully completed! This is shifting the whole field as us coming to Divine Union within and ONE an-other, is us holding and being the anchors of the New Earth Unity Field, igniting the higher dimensional realities as they hold the Paradisian/ Edenic, Divine Love/ Union and Ascension keys and codes for the Collective. They ignite the New Earth and Krystar SAphiRA Diamond Rainbow Plasma Lightbody and Merkaba vehicle and new Divine Blueprints fully now.
As the Divine Masculine rises powerfully and speaks/ sings/ expresses himself authentically from his wide open and activated Crystal Heart, he emanates the Power and Frequency of Divine Love, which is what together AS ONE IN DIVINE UNION with the Divine Feminine,
The Frequency of true Divine Source Love is what dissolves all that is false and artificial, along with all the synthetic overlays of the Matrix.
The illusions fall apart and the Truth and Love Tsunami gains Quantum speed and power, until only the true Truth remains.
As the Twinflames come together in Hierogamic Union, they heal each others morphogenetic field and the Cosmic Logos/ Oversoul Matrix patterning and geometry, as well as our Tribal Shield and Earth’s Morphogenetic field are healed, as well as us
The replay of the Cosmic Energy Update is below.
Eternal Love & Blessings,
Ramona 💙

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