The End Of Duality- Messages From Heylal AKA Lucifer Via Pamela Aaralyn

Filed in Consciousness, Videos by on March 2, 2023
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The following video has very interesting and important information from the being Heylal AKA “Lucifer” channeled by Pamela Aaralyn. In his message for humanity he explains that he has been grossly misrepresented and that his mission on Earth is divinely appointed by God. Was Lucifer responsible for creating the duality matrix for God? If so, will it be Lucifer who dissolves duality in the end?

One of humanity’s biggest downfalls in judgment of another based on information that you deem to be true through the mind prison. We are all one, so when one judges another, they are actually judging God. Will you be able to put judgment aside long enough to discern for yourself about the true Lucifer role by Heylal?

This information was channeled back in 2017 and is just as relevant today, of not more relevant as we see more evidence each day of moving towards the New Earth and out of the duality matrix.

A must watch.

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