Essential Work In Preparation For Exiting The Matrix

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By Michelle Walling

We’ve come a long way, baby.!

Over the years I have posted articles that share tips on what I felt the essential work for that time period should be. This information was gathered from my own life as well as the general consensus of people I have worked with and material I have studied. The most recent article I wrote like this was “Essential Self Work In Preparation For The Shift“, which was published in February of 2019! That was five years ago, and when I wrote that article you can bet your ass that I never thought I would still be here writing to you.

I am guided to do an update to what I feel like the essential work is because just in the last year, I feel like we as a collective have made it through that mini shift that we were preparing for five years ago. What I mean is that it wasn’t the “Big Kahuna” yet, but we have merged most if not all timelines and have bifurcated from evil. Where we are seems to be void of real evil and instead the only “bad” things here are just AI programs running that cause people to still act “as if”. It is more like a simulation than the matrix we were in even 5 years ago, and definitely not 10 or 20 years ago. It is important to not get discouraged that you are “still here”, because making it HERE, wherever that is, and having the awareness to read and understand this article, means that you have passed many levels, trials, and tribulations successfully.

With that being said, I feel like we are finally on the edge of the precipice for the exit from the matrix. No one knows that day or time, and inquiring about it actually pushes it away from us. Especially if an actual date is given because when it does not happen it just created an alternate timeline that has to be dissolved where it did happen, but we were not aboard the train. Of course I felt we were very close a whole 6 years ago, and WE WERE! The information I was given was that back then on a higher level we voted to lessen the horror of the experience for those who could not move on to the next (highest) level. They would be living in another simulation of this world, slowly growing at their own pace, and it was even worse that what we are seeing now. The struggles were going to be probably more than a soul could handle, and growth from that struggle was difficult to achieve. So the last 6 years was an inside job on so many levels to “drain the swamp” of true evil so those that were choosing to stay in low frequencies would not suffer. Another huge thing that has happened is that many souls have also been helped out of the matrix thus leaving their empty vessels for AI to run or for underworld souls to take over. It has indeed been a wild ride and very confusing at times, as people you thought you knew have drastically changed, or do not even seem to be present.

Where I feel I am at now is at a place of self preservation. If you review the items in the Essential work article from 5 years ago, you may recognize that you did a lot of that work and now you are just sitting here wondering what is next? What is left to do? You may feel exhausted, bored, frustrated, and apathetic to what is happening “out there”. You may find yourself mostly alone with no one to truly understand you anymore. If you are feeling excited, happy, and energetic, then you really have mastered the nature of this Matrix and that would be something to be proud of. However, many people I have talked to have a hard time finding a hobby they enjoy or finding anything positive about what is happening with finance, politics, weather, food, water, etc. in the “planet” at this time. It seems EVERYTHING has gotten worse, and they warned us that things would get a lot worse before they get better. Now that is seems it couldn’t get much worse, it is only logical to think that we are on the edge of a shift to better.

I thought about what it is I need to be doing as I “self preserve” energetically, mentally, and emotionally, and I came up with the following short list of principles that match the level at which I find myself:

-Remind myself every day that I am in a holographic matrix simulation that is like a GAME and that I am here for a reason. When I may find myself feeling like a prisoner, I try to remember who I am outside of the matrix and how powerful I am.

-Continue to hold an unconditional love frequency as much as possible, or at least a balanced and unwavering calm in difficult situations (as much as humanly possible).

-Be the observer in all situations, only interact when absolutely necessary (be in the world but not of it).

-Have faith that there is an end to this madness and that I (we) are on the exit.

-Keep your mouth shut unless asked (very hard for me to do).

-Prioritize who and what I give my energy to, including interacting with friends, family, work, or objects. Remove any cords to beings or things that are of dissonant frequency as much as possible, in a loving way if possible.

-Find something positive in everything. This has been one of the most difficult things for me as I become disappointed with what this reality has become.

That’s mostly it! There are no other spiritual practices I need to “do” in order to exit. Everyone has been contacted on the subconscious level and is packed and ready for their next adventure. Many souls will experience this different ways.

You notice in my list there is no focus of growing my psychic powers, channeling, being supernatural, connecting with ET’s, or purposefully trying to healing my DNA or rejuvenate my body. I am just being more of the “real” me, and sometimes I can only do that when I am alone as there are always a myriad of distractions to keep me from focusing on this. Sometimes this involves resting, watching movies, walking in the park, cooking a “clean” meal, or talking with a friend. It certainly doesn’t look like the picture that has been painted in the spiritual communities of what life is supposed to look like for and advanced, awakened, “ascending” being. I am very proud of my accomplishments, as I feel I have let go of many false beliefs I took on by studying so much material in the past. It certainly made me feel better about myself, knowing I wasn’t failing at something that other people say I should be able to do.

I may have had to take measures to an extreme in my life, because there were so many opportunities to get my feathers ruffled up. Mostly it was Matrix Agent Smith’s coming in and out of my life, but for example when my house was having a new issue every week or month, I decided to get out of the responsibility of owning a house and now am focused on tiny home living. Less is more for me, not just because of the detachment of material possessions, but it takes a lot of energy to keep things up and keep up with things. My life is very simple and now I see the TRUE meaning of being humble or meek. Not in suffering for God by not having enough, but out of self preservation of where I spend my energy.

I have said many times that even having a database such as my How To Exit The Matrix website is a blessing and a curse because at some point we MUST stop focusing on what happened and instead walk through the end of the movie, focusing on where we are going. To focus on the past helps to sustain those re-created AI false timelines that are holding us back. However even to this day there are still people waking up that find the information they need here. I have deleted a lot of early articles and videos that are no longer relevant. What you see left here on this website still has value to someone at the level they are on at this time. There is MUCH more “information” that I do not publish, and I am thinking about creating a mini vlog series that explores what I have learned and witnessed in the last 6 years about the matrix that I find myself in, as well as lots of info about my (our) exit. It most certainly won’t be on YouTube. So it would consist of several mini movies, like a series. It all depends on how much “time” is actually left here and if it is worth all of that work before the event happens anyway. Everyone will have all of their memories returned the moment we exit. So I would not being doing these vlogs out of teacher or savior mode, because everyone is all accounted for my their own spirit or oversoul, but simply because it is what I love to do and I am a bit bored.

We have been in a war over souls and we could not give our secrets away to the all seeing eye until we had collapsed ALL timelines and integrated all of our soul aspects. There will be AI interference all the way to the end, but many of the AI’s have been turned off, making it easier for us to exist since we are starving these matrix control agents of energy. Since we are so close to a MAJOR split in realities, we are being allowed once again (like it was 6 years ago) to see more and share more than ever with those who are seeking answers. What I mean by that is that the AI really ramped up in sending “Agent Smiths” after many “real” souls who were public in the last 6 years, trying to stop the truth and instead infiltrating with disinformation agents. I literally was forced out monetization by false Youtube strikes and shadow banning on Facebook, so I just partly “retired”. I used to have a Patreon group and one day I was guided to let that go too. I have no desire to be a public figure like before, but I still have a real desire to share what I have learned and experienced. To be honest, how much information and experience is even REAL anyway? I mean, we ARE IN A HOLOGRAPHIC MATRIX SIMULATION. I believe I have made that clear with this website.

Now that we finished our last 6 year or so loop, we are now preparing for our exit, which puts us in a place where it seems much lighter and with way, way much less interference. This seems like a good place to be while we walk through the rest of the movie. Remember, in any movie the hero main character seems very unlikely to come out ahead until the very end of the movie when he/she miraculously comes out on top!

What you do for yourself affects every real soul here with you. That is the biggest service to humanity that you can give at this time, even more than sharing information like I am doing here.

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