Welcome To The Wild, Wild West

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By Michelle Walling
Editor, Howtoexitthematrix.com

All dimensions are merging as we prepare for the big event. As we merge with the lowest dimensions, many are catching dark beings and anomalous things on camera. All kinds of anomalies are being reported around the world. My favorite YT channel to check some of these things out  is MRMB333. You have to wonder, what the heck is going on?? It is important that you understand what they said a few years ago by “it may get a little worse before it gets better”. I think we are now seeing what that means.

Most of the Earth matrix has been quarantined under a very low frequency fence. The separation by dimensions is all within the matrix. There have been hidden or unseen controllers for thousands of years. As the dimensions merge, the “veils” between the dimensions dissolve and therefore we are able to see bleed-throughs of anomalies and beings that have never been seen before. Of course, people who are glued to their tv or phones or never get outside and “look up” probably don’t know what I am talking about.

Over the last 5 years or so is the negatively oriented beings that are service to self have continuously revealed themselves. The pressure has been on them and they have rolled out a lot of things early that allowed the light forces to counter-act. This has also caused may forfeits according to the rules of the game for the dark. Many like Fauci stepped up and showed who they really are. They are basically self sabotaging at this point, and many world leaders and government officials have stepped down or disappeared altogether. Some even have body doubles or clones in their place. In 2024, there will be nowhere to hide as all is “seen”. It would be very hard to control a population of you could no longer hide in the shadows to do your dirty work.

As the dark continue to reveal themselves, higher forces at hand are taking care of them on other levels. Many dark ones have had their final test exam- where they were given the chance to “do good” or “be nice” to a very benevolent human being, and when they did not play nice they were removed. So we are seeing the wild, wild west unfold and things are being done to clean things up behind the scenes. Even though it seems like this will never end, we have to remember the plan. Part of that plan was to assist in the rescue of souls and to rid the realm of the darkest of entities, AI, and evil. Since not everyone was ready to move on to the next level, souls who need more time will at least have a fair chance tom move on through soul expansion experiences without suffering. Once we reach a certain point, there will be a separation of souls and those who have been held back and are ready to exit the matrix will finally be able to do so.

I am speaking broadly because we are still in a war for souls and we can’t give away all of our secrets. Whether you understand what I am sharing, whether or not you agree with it, or whether you remember the plan does not matter. What I am really wanting to share is a little common sense. The worse it gets here, the closer we are to something big happening. I have always known that for me, the something big is the “exit from the matrix”. Except of course, evil doesn’t get to exit. They get the fate of what they did to us by trapping us here. Now they are trapped and this matrix will be cleansed, and in fact the whole universe will be cleansed of evil because of our efforts.

We just have to have faith and try to get through each day the best that we can. For many it has become more about survival than trying to enjoy their life or raise their vibration, and this is very understandable. You would not still be here experiencing this if you weren’t badass, so just put that into perspective and hang on. The only big possible “node point” scenarios really left for the Wild West beings are Project Blue Beam and the fake alien invasion and subsequent rescue by false light aliens, and “natural” disasters/ weather anomalies, and fake wars and biological weapons. I could even say that if they did roll out Bluebeam than I would be a bit excited because I know that would be very close to the end of the movie skit. They already tried the war thing but they are running out of money. It takes money to make money. They already tried mass genocide with biological weapons and lockdown with the “C” and the “V”, but we didn’t all take the “V” and we are still here! Their goal was always the One World Order through one government, one currency, and one religion (New Age), after mass genocide of the useless eaters. What they didn’t believe is that this movie has an ending and that they do not get to own this realm or trap souls anymore because they are “out of time” or at the end of the cycle/game. Merging the dimensions is a part of that but accelerating time due to events unfolding faster has a lot to do with that too.

Nothing is working for them, London bridge is falling down, and we get the honor of witnessing it. Also if there is any kind of public announcement about the dollar (that breaks the covenant or black magic spell on money), we are really close to exiting the matrix. I’m not talking about the copycat/fake version of Nesara/Gesara/RV etc. but even if that was publicly announced it would show something that we need to see. None of that has rolled out because it is tied to westworld and their digital one world currency. It is possible that the covenant with money is already broken and we won’t hear a mass announcement but instead we just exit (surprise!). In other words, there are major events called “node point events” on the timeline or story of this movie that we still have to walk through even though we have “already won the war”. Keeping track of them helps us gauge where we are. Keep that in mind as you watch the circus and try to stay calm. The tension is building and metaphorically, at one point all hell has to break loose!


About the author:

Michelle Walling is an Intuitive Holistic Life Coach. Her websites are michellewalling.com and Howtoexitthematrix.com.  You can show your support for Michelle’s work by donating via the button on this website or by clicking HERE to book a session with Michelle.

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