Exit The Wheel Of Reincarnation- The Divine Spark

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Video by Soul On Ice Archives

The world you see is NOT the real world. The God of the bible is not our Prime Creator. This world of suffering was not created by our prime creator.

You are living in a simulation that is like a dream and your body is a part of the simulation. You are not living in a place, it is a state of consciousness.

Pretty much everything you have been told is a lie, including cosmology. We are not on a flat earth. We are in a realm inside of a matrix in the lower worlds.

We need to wake up completely to who we are what we are in and get off the wheel of reincarnation.

The lower worlds are not real. There IS A REAL WORLD of the higher realms, beyond this Universe. We are in a fallen world, a really bad copy. Here, we are food for the archons.

Raise your consciousness outside of the simulation itself. Awaken the divine spark within yourself.


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