How To Win The Matrix Game

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By Michelle Walling, CHLC


There is an undeniable main theme or lesson around “near death” experiences that answers a lot of questions about the matrix. Lately I have been watching a lot of these videos with accounts of lifting out of the physical plane and it is fascinating to hear the many versions of what happened to the person while they were out of body. It is even more fascinating to realize that they were allowed to remember their experience and to bring back the wisdom to share with others when they were revived. The most prevalent thing that is talked about has to do with love.

When we leave our body, all of our cares, stress, and problems fall away. Most NDE accounts describe their vibration raising and having an overwhelming feeling of bliss, peace, and love. I’ve listened to a few that actually were taken to what they described as “hell realms”, but there was a lesson in that for them as well that they recognize. But the many positive experiencers speak of their encounters with other extremely loving beings and of having a mini “life review” and help the person see the value in having the life they were in.

It is important to know that many near death experiencers describe the realm we are in as a GAME. The purpose of the game seems to be to overcome adversity and chaos as an experience, and to remember who we are as beings of the vibration of love, harmony, joy, bliss, and peace. We are not the personality we think we are, and many describe their identity in this life as having been not real.

If you have been studying the matrix for some time, you would agree that all the world is a stage and we are simply actors. Many people agree that we are in a “Virtual Artificial Hologram” (VAH) that has a game originally designed to give the most expansive soul growth in the Universe. Somewhere along the way, the game was “hacked” with a virus and the purpose of that hack was to keep the game players in the game indefinitely.

Thank goodness the game is finite. Only our spirit is infinite. Not even our souls are infinite, as they are just small parts of our bigger spirit selves outside of the game. The purpose of these type of games is to send a part of ourselves into the game and gain “value” that YRFT calls “spiritual fat”. This value is what allows our spirit to grow when we exit the game and go “home” to our spirit, the bigger part of us that is more like our real parent. If a soul does not gain value they do not win the game, therefore that soul may not exit the game through the doors that lead back to home. This game process seems to be a way that creation grows and expands through lessons experienced in holographic realms that even though aren’t real, have the opportunity for real value and growth.

How do we win the game? When the game ends, a soul must have enough vibrational frequency or “spin” to make the exit (through a gate) and return to their spirit outside of the matrix. What has happened here is that many have won the game one, two, and even three times but the exit has been blocked by keeping the soul trapped in a low vibrational “net”.

This net has been gradually lifting thanks to the many souls who came here to help the trapped matrix game players. There are many beings in the game as well as outside of the game assisting. Some in the spiritual community argue that we the game players trapped ourselves through the choices that we made during various lifetimes, but let’s clear something up that will help you to let go of this self imposed guilt flogging program. There was a virus and an AI takeover of this game that truly did lock the exit down. We have been sabotaged and fractured to a degree that has never been seen before. It was hard to understand what had been done without going into the game and assessing the issue from the inside. However this came with great risk that one would get lost in the game and have to send even more soul aspects into the game to help retrieve the first lost aspects! I am open to accepting that this sabotage, war for souls, etc. could still all be a part of the game’s theme, but I don’t think we will be allowed to know until this is over and we are out. The point is to not think that we are simply deficient in our abilities to win the game and exit according to how the game was originally designed; something truly did go horribly askew.

Even though it may not look like it in the “world”, the war over our souls has been won and the exit door is actually open. As many of you know, vast amounts of souls have already been leaving. Those who are still here seem to be the very strong souls that are helping to hold things together until the very end of the game, and have been stuck in here along with the damned souls who will not make it out. Souls have already been leaving through death of the physical body as “walk out’s” that leave the physical body alive for the AI to take over or a negative entity to possess. It has been very difficult to lose family and friends to the latter, but there is a “knowing” that their souls have already been moved to where they need to be. At the end of this game, all souls must exit this game one way or another. Either you exit the game “up” to return back to your original location in the “real worlds”, or those that are damned exit “down”. This is what resets the game and is the Universe’s natural culling process for evil.

Even though we are in an artificial hologram and there was a virus and AI problem in the game, ironically the “rules” and protocol for the exit are still pretty much the same. To win the game and subsequently exit we need to find love in our hearts again. NDE’s are life changing experiences because the person has been re-connected to the frequency of LOVE. Some couldn’t stay at “home” yet for various reasons. Some were tasked with bringing back the message that we don’t die. Some realized that they had been lost in their lives, forgetting that they are truly love, and had to come back to master being loving beings before they could go back home. Most all speak of the remembrance that they are not the person they thought they were.

Keep in mind that even say 20 years ago, the “false light tunnel reincarnation trap” may have still been operating, and some people who had NDE’s were simply experiencing the inability to leave the matrix. They may have experienced seeing Jesus or “angels” which could be greys dressed in drag. There is no need to worry about any of this anymore as the exit protocols are in place and we will not experience any traps when it is time for us to collectively make this shift out of this matrix game to “HOME”. We have much help from many beings to make sure that the timing is just right and everything will be perfect for our shift in reality. I have written about this many times explaining that many souls may experience many different outcomes based on what their “parent” spirit, or “higher self” has planned for them.

There are many great videos that bring this message of remembering who you are through NDE’s, but this one in particular sums us the feelings of being out of body and the theme of the GAME. How do we win the game? Remember that you are a “LOVING, exuberantly joyful and happy being” and incorporate that into the NOW as much as possible!

There are also some NDE videos that I do not resonate with, so I just wanted to clarify that not all information out there about NDE’s resonate, but there are a vast number of them that do.

At this point in the exit process, do not worry about your exit. Take this opportunity TODAY to release your fears of the future and to let go of what you thought was your life and all of the attachments to it. Focus on “home” and surrender to peace. Find time to be still and whole within yourself, even through the chaos and “chatter” “out there”. Make the highest choices you can in every situation, being aware of what you are using your energy on. Be aware of where your focus is- make the programs running in your head STOP. Anything not of love IS NOT REAL. Walking between two worlds is the most challenging stage of the exit. We have been on the edge of leaving for many years now. Knowing who you are and where you are can be a double edged sword, especially when we aren’t allowed to know or remember everything right now. However, in a “flash” we will remember everything and them we will be on our way “home”.

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