404 Errors

In October 2018, this website went through a vibrational overhaul. Many outdated articles and videos were removed in order to clean up the site’s content. Because of this, you may experience some “404 errors”, showing that the article or content is no longer available.

To find an article that I have removed, you may want to put the title into quotations and search on Google for it, and find the original website it came from, or many people copy Matrix articles and re-post them, and you can read them there.

Many articles were removed not because they didn’t have good info, they were either out of date or the vibration of them no longer matched what I want to achieve now.

For instance, I had a lot of “energy update” and “wave update” articles that applied to specific periods of time in the past. Although it may make a good record of how we shifted, that’s not the purpose of this website.

I also used to post a lot of articles that were sensational or just interesting, but did not really apply to the HOW to exit the matrix. I want to have less articles with more information for you that really matters.

All the best,

Michelle Walling