Matrix Membership Information

Matrix Membership Information


How To Exit the Matrix is a website created to expand consciousness and open minds. It was created by Michelle Walling as a way to delve into the darker aspects of our reality as a holographic creation that was designed to provide an experience like no other in the Universe.

Once upon a time, this Earth creational experience was hi-jacked by beings that wished to take it over as their own. Distorted realities were inserted and many souls on Earth found themselves trapped inside a seemingly never ending cycle of karmic re-birth and slavery.

Beings known as Starseeds came into this Earthly experience to shine their light and to help those lost find their way. Michelle is one of these Starseeds and is here to assist people on their awakening path. The Earth is receiving waves of light, sound, and sacred geometry code  from benevolent star family and Source in order to raise it’s vibration. This will shift her to a new reality and provide an exit for those choosing love over fear, domination and control, and war. This is happening NOW. This membership opportunity will explore the necessary steps to break free from the matrix while raising your own vibrational frequency to match the “New Earth’s” resonance (as well as being able to traverse the Universe).

Energetic exchange and support

Michelle has been hosting the Cosmic Awakening Show since 2014 and has written many articles for In5d and other websites. She has provided a plethora of information at no cost in her websites, articles, and videos for over four years and has a private holistic life coaching service as her only source of income. While starseed support life coaching has been her passion, Michelle feels the need to be able to reach more people at once. The Matrix Membership section of was born. By keeping the cost down, she will be able to reach thousands of people on this through selected membership articles, videos, e-books, and conference calls.

The Matrix membership idea was given to Michelle from spirit as a focus for those who wish to not only support Michelle’s work but to dig deeper into truths on an advanced level. The opportunity to read exclusive articles and e-books as well as to participate in two conference calls per month is only available to Matrix members. Recordings of LIVE Cosmic Awakening Shows and workshops and conferences will be available to members.

There are two levels of membership available:

The first is an $8.88 per month membership through Paypal recurring payments and can be cancelled at any time through the website.

The second is a yearly payment of $88.88 through Paypal recurring payments which is a savings of $17.68 (almost 2 months free).

Once you are enrolled, there is no login or logout required. The four tabs in the top menu: Member Articles, Members Only E-Books, Members Only Videos, and Conference Calls-Members Only are all at your access as a member. The rest of the site is still seamlessly available as well.

Two conference calls will be held every month and the information about each call will be posted under “Conference Calls-Members Only“. The next upcoming conference call date and topic is announced in each call. The access code is published one day before the call, and the replay recording will be published on the site after the call (via mp3 and/or call in). You will be able to interact at the end of each call with questions and answers.

Click HERE to sign up!

Future plans

As the Exiting the Matrix Membership grows, there are plans for a chat room and/or forum. This will allow members to not only communicate with each other in a safe online community, but will also allow Starseeds to help support others and  answer questions, which fulfills their mission here on Earth.

Michelle’s second E-Book How To Exit the Matrix will be published for members only by the end of September, 2017. (Because of the 8-8-8, new moon, solar eclipse, and equinox energies, Michelle has been through a huge timeline shift! The book is extended by a few weeks). While others may charge over $10 for their books, the cost to read this new book will be the monthly subscription price of $8.88.

Click HERE for a list of calls, videos, e-books, and articles for Matrix Members only.

To cancel

To cancel your recurring payment membership. log into your Paypal account and find your recurring payment, then cancel it. That’s it!

Links and websites– more about Michelle’s starseed support coaching and events– a catalog of all of Michelle Walling’s work– this site you are on, created by Michelle Walling featuring the Matrix Membership– Michelle’s website providing support for star children and their parents– Website for Michelle’s Cosmic Awakening Show, hosted by Michelle. Listing of upcoming LIVE shows and conferences.

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