Membership Levels

All new memberships are currently on hold, as I am is creating a new membership site on Cosmic Starseeds. My focus has been clearly mapped to support Starseeds in their final phase of their mission on Earth. will continue to carry the same great articles, however the membership live calls will be moved to something like Patreon. Existing yearly member will automatically be given a free year membership.

If you are currently a member, please continue to enjoy and listen to all of the recordings. Your automatic payments will be suspended as of May 1, giving you ample time to listen to everything. Please join us on the new site when it is up and running! You will need to create a new account, as it will be in a different format.

Thank you for your understanding and support!

To cancel

To cancel your recurring payment membership. Log into your Paypal account and find your recurring payment, then cancel it. That’s it!