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12 Levels of Lightbody Creation

The World Is In You

Head In The Sand, Ass In The Sky

The True Meaning Of Freedom

The Irony Of Wanting To Exit The Matrix

This Is Sovereignty

Unconditional Love And The Cosmos

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In Resonance

Short And Simple Truth

How To Ascend


Crystal Expert Adrienne Goff Speaks at In5d Conference

Cosmic Awakening Show LIVE Detroit With Harper

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Free Yourself From the Anunnaki Matrix October 5, 2017

October 19, 2017- How To Attract Your Twin Flame Or Soul Mate

November 2, 2017- How to prepare for the 11-11 Gateway

November 16, 2017- Connecting and merging with your Higher Self


How To Activate Your DNA September 21, 2017

Contract Revocation and Sovereignty August 31, 2017