Origin Of The Matrix


The name of this site, “How to exit the matrix” has its origins and reference from my research during the years 2014-2017. I was guided to examine the nature of our reality as a holographic matrix based on illusion and separation. The nature of the matrix is based on an interactive computer simulation that we have inserted our consciousness into. In the matrix, we are being manipulated through the mind to blindly follow and to continue to create a distorted reality instead of  being free to stand in our power and being able to change our own reality, individually and collectively.

At the time of naming this website, I truly was ready to exit the matrix, with the matrix being defined as my prison. As I grew in my knowledge and understanding of who I am, I realized that in a weird and twisted way, we created the matrix and we decided to enter it. The problem is that the matrix has been hacked and for at least 12,500 years, many Source players have been lost in the matrix, disconnected from their memories and their higher selves.

In the year 2017 I began to see things a bit differently about that a matrix really is. I began to realize that if I was an aspect of Prime Creator or the creator of the multiverse (and beyond), then I was in a reality that Prime Creator created, the positive as well as the negative. Well, then I began to ask myself why it was created and why I was in it. The result is a compilation of articles from other talented writers as well as articles of my own that follow my growth and understanding of this reality.

A matrix is the underlying fabric of experiencing life in a human template. In a human body we can experience the illusion of form or matter, through the projection of sound, light, and vibration. We exist in a 3d matrix within a matrix, a copy of the original 5d matrix that was inverted and hacked. The 3d matrix was created to trap the reptilians that were battling for control of the solar system during the Tiamat wars.

A matrix in itself is not the problem, but the inverted 3d matrix copy that we reside in is. The exit from the 3d matrix to the 5d matrix is the goal, and from there, consciousness is unlimited and can travel throughout the multiverse. Humanity is stuck in a co created recurring theme of a few dominating and controlling the many through illusions. As we peel back the layers of the illusion, we get closer to the truths that can lead to experiencing a whole new way of living based on love, compassion, patience, forgiveness, and the like. These illusions seem to be governed and kept in place by a lower vibration that is cast from the moon.

Exiting this matrix can symbolize ascension, polarity flipping, co-creating a new earth, dissolving the illusion of separation from our creator, and whatever other name you want to give it.

Exiting the matrix involves unplugging from one reality to another. It is all about raising your consciousness, re-connecting with your creator, and re-programming your own personal matrix interface. It’s about choosing something different and sharing your choices with like minded people in order to reach a critical mass that will gradually dissolve the 3d overlay. As an aspect of Prime Creator, it’s about taking what we don’t want and flipping that energy into what we do want. It is the shift from 3d to 5d. I hope you join me in sharing the same vision of freedom from slavery, control, and fear.

Michelle Walling, Editor and creator


Starseed Support Specialist