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By Greg Calise
(A dedication beyond the veil)

If one is able to even glimpse the depth of Being, one realizes that there are divine qualities of that state of awareness. In our depth of Being, we are eternal, infinite, omnipotent, all loving and aware. And we are sovereign. In your natural and pure state you are sovereign; you are the supreme power or authority to govern yourself. No one else can govern you, neither do you govern another. And this is the same for everyone in the depths of their Being. Everyone is equal. No one is above or below another, and each of us has the authority to govern himself. This creates balanced energy. It creates a harmonious system. No one is our boss, nor our king nor our god.

So this is our natural state of Being. But somehow we find ourselves here in a false light construct called the matrix, which is based on a hierarchical system. There is no equality, and some people are masters to someone else – their subjects, their slaves. And some slaves are even masters to others. This master/slave paradigm goes right up the pyramid. At the very top of the pyramid is the controller god/gods that created the matrix, which is overlaid over the real world.

A father plays the master in the family to his wife and children, the children play master to the animals, and the father is a servant to his boss, who is again a servant for another boss………. and it just goes up the pyramid. Slaves and master, but eventually everyone is a slave to someone or something.

So somehow we find ourselves here, in a master/slave system, completely alien to our natural state. We notice in this master/slave relationship that people are not always nice to each other. In fact we even observe conflict, violence and hatred. People strive after control. We seem to find ourselves in a place where all good virtues are rare, where true love is also rare. Somehow we have lost proper intelligence or logic. Many seem to be devoid of much of that. It becomes very obvious at a certain point: That the hierarchical system of this matrix is not natural. It is a contrived system, creating slaves out of everyone. We are caught within the web, within the spell, enamored by the beauty and the sensations, but also the desire to control others, like in a game. We have become enamored by the games that each person plays on the other. We are caught in a game, the game some people call the game of “life.”

And it all started with our attention. We gave our attention to it, like you would give your attention to watching a good movie. But this game is real. It’s not TV. So for some reason, we allowed ourselves to get sucked into this game, like something you would see on The Twilight Zone. Somehow this is our playing field at present. Quite odd if you think about it.

By wandering into the matrix of hierarchical systems, your sovereignty is now lying dormant, surrendered, lost in the game like a hand of poker. One’s awareness and intelligence lay dormant, and in their place is a fractured and dim knowledge, intelligence and awareness. while one’s eternity fragments into time spans, into past and future and birth and death. One’s sense of infinite space is fragmented into different bodies and the environment, born again and again. One’s love lies dormant, with its refection being bestowed upon the world.

But knowing the playing field and how the system has enslaved almost everyone here, is very important to consider. You can’t get free from the web until you know the web. You cannot get to the truth without knowing what is not truth. The untruth is the web, the web of illusion that has everyone caught within it. By the act of deduction, you arrive at truth. Once you know the playing field, you see the field and the plays as the non-truth. So what is left is the truth, the Self. It is an apophatic approach to seeing truth. It is the way of the Tao.

When the Self is known, the game is seen for what it is. You silently, gradually stop playing the game. Or you may wake up one day and just disconnect as much as possible. This breaks the spell. You still live in the matrix, but it doesn’t have the pull on you anymore, and neither do you have the pull on others. Living in the present moment, there is nothing lacking. There isn’t desire or lamentation, because their is no past and future. Your consciousness knows its eternity.

And it is quite amazing that if you surrender to the Now, which is none other than you, then you will find yourself slipping out of the system. It is a natural tendency when one begins awakening. My advice? Simplify; that’s what gets you disconnected from the system. When you stop watching TV, shopping and all of the other allurements and controlling factors. you can free your mind. You can come to your senses. Understand the situation at hand and slip out. You would be surprised how little you could live for, especially out of the city. Minimum effort for maintenance. More time for contemplating. meditation, doing the things you enjoy doing.

So in our natural state, free from the grip of the matrix, we are all sovereign. We are all gods in harmony. There is no higher or lower in status. We all are self governed. We are eternal, and therefor no god could ever had made us. We were never born from any god and we will never die. No ‘god’ can ever govern us. No god has his rights over us. We are slaves to no one – We are Sovereign. Independence, creativity, love, kindness and freedom are its innate virtues.

So this is the dilemma of our present situation. We have lost ourselves in the game. We are only a glimmer of our magnificence. Once you know how the system of the matrix is known for what it is, you have a choice: Break free from the matrix, or continue playing the game. You would think that if someone knew the truth, he would want to break free. And many people believe they want freedom, many say the want to be free, and there are even some who believe they already Are free. But the reality is that they only Think they want freedom. But actually, instead of extricating themselves from bondage and claiming their freedom, they continue playing the games. What they really want is a higher status in the hierarchy. More money, more of everything, including people to control.

That could also include becoming a god, or any other of the cosmic hierarchies. Larger arenas of controlling others.

So we hear and read about freedom all the time. But few people contemplate what the word even means. The reality is that you can never be free as long as you desire to control anyone else. If you want your freedom, you have to give freedom to others. This desire to control others is the real glue that binds us here. Remember, that was one of the qualities of this game that first attracted us – the desire to control other people. If one believes he can be free while simultaneously wanting to control others, he is delusional. That also means trying to control your spouse, children, friends, or anyone else you meet. Trying to convince someone or manipulate others are forms of control.

So yes, we are sovereign by nature. Not even the creator god of this universe is above us. We are all equal and each of us has the authority to govern himself. But we do not have the authority to govern others.

And yet we find ourselves caught in a web, enamored to play this game. A game of master and slave. A game to control others. And we are so entwined in this modern age. It’s all pretty odd if you think about it.

A dedication to Greg Calise, who moved beyond the veil February 11, 2016. May his words live on.

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