How Darkness Masks Itself In The Spiritual Community Leadership

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By Michelle Walling, CHLC

Let’s be clear, everyone has darkness within them. We are here in this lifetime to bring all of that icky, gooey energy up to be seen and cleared. The thing is, we hope that those who have stepped up to the plate to assist others in doing this work have indeed done the work themselves.

People who choose to step forward in the spiritual community do so because they feel a calling. Most that put themselves out there to the public had no idea growing up that they would be doing what they are doing now. The exceptions are the prodigies that have have been using their gifts all of their lives to help people.

However, there are some leaders that see it as an opportunity when wanting to exit the matrix to make it their career. It can be very profitable for there are so many who don’t know which way to turn. There is so much material out there now to study that it can be overwhelming, and most people begin to look for someone that they feel like they can resonate with in order to get clarity in what is right and what is wrong.

I have seen spiritual “leaders” who have the ability to study the whole spectrum of the collective’s findings and choose what sounds like the truth to them. They spend their whole lives studying and comparing and narrowing everything down. Then there are the other people who do not have the luxury of spending every waking moment studying and wish to hear from those who are a storehouse of information. They want to hear the final conclusion that that person has come to which will save them the time of studying to reach that conclusion themselves.

The problem lies in the dark distortions and where the darkness hides in these teachings. Some of this darkness is innocent misunderstanding or mis-interpretation. Some of this distortion is purely deliberate by those who are carrying dark entities within them.

These entities are actually varied forms. Some times they are “walk ins” from the astral realm. Sometimes they are thought forms that the person created themselves unknowingly. They could be hitchhikers or “dead” people who did not leave the earth plane upon transitioning. They could be past life energies coming to the person to be integration and healed. Every person is different and can carry different energies, and most all people on the planet have these in one form or another.

The irony is that these leaders or teachers must to the very work they are teaching others to do. For some, it may have taken 20 or more years to get their work done, for others it may take 5 years, one year, etc. I have see lately that someone can wake up and do the work within a week to get “up to speed”. The point is that the work has to be done of clearing, healing, integrating, and monitoring the energy field.

In the animated body, there is not only the ego (lower self), the conscious self, and the subconscious self (higher self) present, but part of the work of this time is to integrate “past”, “future”, or “parallel” lifetimes or personalities in order for the soul to become whole again. Everyone is actually working on this whether they realize it or not. A spiritual leader or teacher is supposed to know how to keep all of these spirits/beings/thoughtforms/personalities in baolance to where they can function and serve others. If the person becomes “lazy” or too overworked or stressed, than the deep dark ego can slip in and begin to have the choir working for its needs.

The ego self can be very dark or cunning and deceptive, and can present itself as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The person may or may not  not even know when the ego is taking over because it feels the same to them and if they have not done the “work” of being cognizant of everything that they say or do, they are not the one’s in control of their body. It is like a Jekyl and Hyde but sometimes the switch is so slight that it would not normally be noticeable because it is speaking through the same mouth and voicebox as the higher self would use to speak.

This may make you a bit leery of all spiritual leaders at all! In one way I want to say that is absolutely what you should be thinking. Everything that you will ever need is inside of you. But the reality is that until we do the work necessary to find those answers, we often need help or simply want to find out what others have learned about how to find those answers.

Then you are left with the task of discerning who is really doing their work from the best intentions in the heart and who is doing their work for money gain only. The basic teachings are the same no matter what the person’s delivery is. Sometimes in order to learn how to discern, we must go down that rabbit hole in order to dig deeper to find out. I guarantee that every person reading this article has found a false teacher, meaning they do not practice what they preach behind closed doors. You may have even been drawn into a “cult” situation, where one leader is teaching sound spiritual practices but twists them on order to be superior and in controls, and to siphon energy from his or her followers. You may feel “duped” and may doubt your own discernment for a while after that experience.

In some way that is o.k. too though because we are all doing the work together and none of us have perfected it yet. I mean, really think about it, if one of these teachers was really doing it perfectly, they would be standing there in a light body talking to you, right? Or they would be able to disappear and reappear at will. Or they would be able to manifest money out of thin air and wouldn’t need to charge anyone for anything. But just for explanation sake, what I mean is that in general you would expect that a true leader from their heart would have nothing to hide and would not be “introverted”. This simply shows that they are holding onto fear. A good leader would treat others like they would want to be treated. They won’t charge exorbitant rates for sessions and they would generally be one who smiles a lot. You would be able to feel their warmth in person rather than walk away wondering what it was that you felt that just wasn’t right. You would be able to feel a certain intonation or vibration of love in their voice. Often times the difference is so subtle but we may not have learned to trust our own senses.

Here’s another example- maybe you are listening to a You Tube. That in itself sometimes can put you in a light trance state similar to when you are driving a long distance on the highway. When you are in that state, you might not be completely present and ware of every inflection or words that someone is saying. This is how silver tongued (deliberate) false teachers mask their distorted truths through SPELLING. You have to be very alert, present, and aware to catch something that just does not sound or feel right, and that is the clue that should get you to turn it off. However, perhaps it isn’t a dark being speaking through a person, it is just a bit distorted. The subject matter may be so fascinating that you want to continue to listen, so the next step is to just throw out what did not feel right and move on to the next.

This is very complicated but I want to wrap up by telling you why it’s o.k. to continue to listen and explore all teachings, at least until you have learned how to go within for your answers. First of all, like I mentioned before, the physical body is a vessel that can hold many different entities, beings, personalities, etc. since we are all multidimensional. Some of them simply have a limited view of things and some of them can see much more. I have found that they literally come and go like a revolving door. Someone truly in their heart space, grounded, centered, and in a daily practice of clearing their energy field and asking that only the beings of the highest and best good for everyone involved be able to join in on the fun doesn’t have to “think” about who is coming and going. They turn over this task to their highest selves as the gatekeepers and trust.

Those who do not do the work of clearing and intention may start out with some lower vibrational beings but may learn on their own by practice how to monitor what they feel like with what comes out of their own mouth, and make the changes necessary to try to be better next time. I know because I had to start somewhere and I had to learn this just as anyone else does. We may have the best intentions but we really have to work on ourselves each day to be the best we can. So you may not want to throw out the teachings of someone who is just starting out in the public eye and forgive them when they falter a bit, taking what you would like to take and leaving the rest. This is completely different from those that you can see are just pure dark masquerading as the light.

Finally, we are all connected into one consciousness. There really is no good or bad, light or dark when you look at things form the Source level. There is only energy and vibration. Any distortion that is coming from a spiritual leader is simply distorted emotional energy and most of the time they have no idea what is happening. Sometimes they even signed up to provide the distortion so that people could learn about distortion. So when you begin to look at the big picture, you can rest assured that everything is simply experience and learning anyway, and you can forgive yourself for the times that you may feel that you were duped and thank the experience for the lesson it gave you in vibrational resonance.

The ultimate goal is to walk away form the television, computer, and phone and to get into nature where you can find the inner door to the answers. You don’t have to spend hours in meditation unless you simply have so much going on inside your head that you can’t even seem to think sometimes. That is a good indication that you need to practice quieting your mind to a light chatter which is the higher self speaking to you.  The darkness within WILL rear its ugly head so that it can bee seen and transmuted through love. Don’t run away from it and do not fear it when you see it in other people. Some of these people may be posing as spiritual leaders but remember one thing. In the bigger picture, THEY ARE YOU and you created them in your life to be able to learn what darkness is so that you could be light.

About the author:
Michelle Walling, CHLC is a Holistic Life Coach specializing in starseed support. She is an international public speaker, writer, and webmaster Michelle is the webmaster for and  Michelle’s personal Facebook page can be found here. To contact Michelle or to book a session, please visit


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