ET’s And The Earth Human Species

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By Carlos Tavares

Humanity is absolutely and totally entangled with the ETs! After all they did create our physical bodies in the first place (but not the spirit component). The more we learn and discover, the more we see what has happened here on Earth. So-called Darwinistic evolution has pretty much NOTHING to do with all the major changes and is mostly BS.

455 000 years ago the Anunnaki were in need of gold to put into their atmosphere to help control their immediate environment and temperatures. So they came to Earth to mine for gold which they did with their own people for an incredibly long time of 255 000 years!

After 255 000 years the Anunnaki workers revolted and they then decided to create a new working/slave race, using the primitive ape/man that was here already (from other experiments) and mixing in their own genes to eventually create US, after many failures. What’s more, our brains were split into two hemispheres, pushing us down in frequency, deeper into dualism and in a way further from GOD/Source! Therefore easier to control….

Some cultures, ie human breeds make for better slave workers than others. Races with dramatically lower IQs, less creative and even to the point of being almost totally parasitic and totally self-destructive, giving nothing back and just consuming everything, to this day.

We Humans need to break free of our current limited thinking, beliefs and total crap that we have been taught on purpose to maintain this PRISON PLANET!!!! It is not normal to just have life-spans of say 70 years. NOT NORMAL AT ALL!!! The Anunnaki live AT LEAST several HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF EARTH YEARS (Possibly even into the millions?) Even the Andromedans that Alex Collier had contact with live about 2 000 years, which is not long at all, but when they return into new bodies they have full memory of ALL their previous lives, experiences and knowledge. That is the major difference to us. Getting your mind totally wiped clean with each new life is TOTAL FUCKING BULLSHIT! Then you get loaded with all sorts of crap that was not even yours to begin with to OWN! ONLY IN A PRISON TO KEEP THE INMATES OCCUPIED!

We hear from several other sources that we were then added to, adjusted and genetically modified, upgraded by other beings, including the Pleiadians. They gave us greater qualities and characters that the Annunaki clearly DO NOT have! Compassion, caring, spiritual balance and greater knowledge which were mostly done after the great flood!

(We see ancient monuments in Bolivia that were built thousands of years back that have a smaller gap between the places marking the position of the Sun at the June and December Solstices back then, compared to the Solstices today. This relates to the 23.5 degree tilt of the Earth today, reflecting the INCREASE in dualism. Also meaning the planet was more “upright” in the past!)

There seems to have been a lot of different inputs, creating something/us, that are sought after now by other dying races, specifically with regard to the Grey/hybrid breeding program. One of the main characteristics they are after is our ability to experience EMOTION! (As they bred out emotions initially as they originally thought it a nuisance, a weakness!)

So many ways we are being and have been used, too hectic for most of us to even look at. But you cannot get out of the problem if you do not first realize it! So we must acknowledge that humans are:

· Used as a genetic bank to create other beings from.

· Used as an energy source from our emotions, devoured by these lower life forms!

· Used as direct flesh/material food source by other races.

· We are the bottom of the food and energy chain!

· Humanity in general is stuck in all different forms of primitive belief systems, created specifically to distract us and prevent real personal spiritual evolution, expansion and freedom.

· Kept totally lost in this holographic GAME. Too busy in survival mode to even have time to find the truth, then whatever spare time they have is spent watching POINTLESS sports games and other useless dramas, just to keep you occupied! And then the mass amount of false religions!……


· Scrap this whole Prison Planet, re-incarnation system Bullshit!

· Open and program ourselves to greater possibilities of living long, expanded life-times, without all the suppressions and disinformations.

· Totally avoid all the AI and transhumanist TRAPS. Transhumanism is an even greater prison, involving losing more and more of your spiritual abilities and personal uniqueness!

· Never again lose or allow your memory to be wiped!

· Connect to your own spirit and God directly. No middle men are needed!

· Do not go to any light at death, as this is how you get recycled back into this endless BS drama!


(There is much more to all of this, but have kept it short as it is all quite heavy, but at least a start, a turn around for greater lives and potentials!)

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