This Woman Saw The Matrix As A Hologram From A Plane

Filed in Videos by on October 28, 2017
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This Woman Saw The Matrix As A Hologram With Her Own Eyes

The following video describes what the matrix and its sun simulator look like from the window of an airplane. This woman’s “Mandela Effect” series is useful for people to be able to understand what is happening.

I have dedicated the last four years to this website, How To Exit The Matrix, to share with people the truth about the reality in which we find ourselves in. Yet, as the woman in this video says, people are going to be so surprised when they actually see it for themselves. (I am sorry, I do not have her name form the videos. She goes by “Changing Matrix”).

In the last year, I have publicly said that I am not really sure where we actually ARE. Time and space are not real, and people are viewing what they are programmed to see out of their physical eyes. As the programming breaks down, the “code” of the matrix is being seen by many.


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