The Ultimate Prison- Earth

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By Carlos Tavares

Is it possible that Earth is in fact an entire planet somehow captured and turned into a multi-dimensional prison, entrapping not only the physical bodies of the humans but also their souls?

…A very cleverly crafted system where the beings here get brainwashed and programmed to go to the “light” after death. This “light” is some kind of dimensional/spiritual technology that captures the souls then re-cycles them right back onto the Earth through FORCED re-incarnation. The system is so sinister and crafty from all angles that until now it has been very difficult if not impossible to escape from. (A possible explanation to Earth’s overpopulation of human souls, capturing not only our souls, but those of passing or visiting ETs).

First off, most Westerners do not even believe or have even been taught about re-incarnation. So there is no threat from them escaping the system as their religions have mostly not even included this and they believe that they have just one life then go to heaven or hell. On the other hand some the Eastern religions believe that they have re-incarnated from other animals through their spiritual evolution. As long as the masses’ beliefs are well embedded and false, the system maintains itself and no-one escapes or finds out the deeper truth and so this goes on for thousands of years.

Then take the whole re-incarnation BS where they tell you that you have to come back to “own” or make right your past mistakes. So if you are a wise spiritual being why the hell do you always forget what it is that you need to own or make right?! Surely if that was the main mission it would be the things you remembered the most. And why choose to forget what you have painfully as well joyously learned and experienced. That would be just absolute stupidity, but somehow people have never asked that question! This is because of how they have programmed your soul on “re-entry”, this topic been forbidden all together to prevent exposure of the prison and its keepers. So you come back to fix one thing and in the process you create another ten things to fix later in other lifetimes with all the false concept of right and wrong, good and evil BS. So it then becomes a never ending cycle and feedback loop! Totally fucked-up indeed!

But it was not always like this and I would think that for example the time when the North American Indians had free and open contact with their “star brothers”, that back then we still had a more natural way of being and coming down to this material reality without all the suppression, manipulation and entrapment. So why if our far back ancestors had open contact, why would it all of a sudden have stopped? (That does not sound like natural evolution!) Could that have been the moment when we got entrapped by these other multi-dimensional beings and parasites, who are now claiming dominion and ownership over the entire planet and all its people and preventing any further contact and interaction with its people by force! That infamous footage of someone trying to shoot at the UFO from Earth may not have been from the elite black projects but from the other race/s that are our wardens keeping away all other galactic races.


We can speculate on who they are and it would seem that it could be more than one species or group. The Annunaki themselves may even have used this technique when they originally created us, the slave species, to ensure that the bodies that they were creating kept having a spirit to come back into, to continue  mining the gold for them.

It has been mentioned that ‘advanced’ civilizations are allowed to keep slaves, human or other, as long as the slave race is not yet awakened. When they start to become spiritually awakened they should be allowed to continue on their mental, physical and spiritual journey. So we as a species and civilization, as former slaves are starting to once again truly discover who we really and what this “game” is all about. So we should be left to do so, but it does not seem that the wardens want to release us!!!

The North American Indians talk about their star brothers and open contact, a time when the other ETs came and went freely and interacted with man. Stories that have been passed down but happened not more than a few thousand years back! But if we were created as we are now in the present species over 200 000 years ago by the Annunaki, that would mean that we have a brand new super predator that has taken over the entire planet, but only recently, say sometime in the past ten thousand years! The one that set up this false reincarnation feedback loop!

The “Greys” could certainly fit the bill, with their multi-dimensional capabilities, but there are tiny threads of information suggesting that a species of reptilians are the actual Supreme Overlords of our planet, including control of the Greys themselves. The reptilians have not surprisingly remained super elusive!!

Whoever they are, they have manipulated our DNA and beliefs to ensure that we have short life-spans and that our bodies deteriorate rapidly. That way we die early and with that we do not have enough time to figure things out, because they too use two main other principle to do so, by keeping us under STRESS and always OCCUPIED with mindless crap. No awakened and free God would allow itself to live such short lifetimes and to grow old, weak and sickly!


These “Lords of Light” strip us after death of all our experiences and memories, of consciousness itself. Light we now know is the third seal, in the solar plexus in the body. The seal that is just inside of duality, just below the fourth seal NEXT to the heart. The seal that represents power and control. (This gives new meaning in the “New-Age Movement”, to the so-called “LIGHT-workers or LIGHT-warriors! Whose interests are you protecting and serving? Setting us free or serving the LIGHT OVERLORDS and keeping us in this vicious feedback loop?) They are the ultimate tyrants, residing somewhere in the third seal or realm of frequency. Could it be that they feed on all our experiences, emotions, on what we have learned while down here, thereby expanding and maintaining their beingness without having to actually experiencing it down here, because they have lost the organic link to Source. In a way a simulated virtual reality program! Learning and benefiting from our experiences. They get all the wisdom and knowledge and we get our memories and souls forcibly cleared and then re-cycled into another body. The perfect “machine” for the harvesting of consciousness.

In the movie The Matrix the “machines” harvested the electricity of the human body, but we now see that the problem is much, much deeper, more sinister and multi-dimensional in nature.


But the truth shall set us free. Having the mere knowledge of this now will stop this crazy cycle. After death do not go to the light, but keep going to Point Zero, the True Source and the Void itself. In the worst case scenario if you have to return to this world then KNOW that YOU, YOU as a Sovereign Spiritual Being, a God, have the option to return with full and complete memory of all your past knowledge and experiences.

There is a difference between your soul and your spirit. Your Soul is simply a spiritual recording device that is supposed to keep record of your experiences. It  sits in the fourth seal and has an ego of its own (This soul ego too can be problematic, just like our human ego, this is what they can re-program).

In contrast, your Spirit is your own actual God, operating through the seventh seal in the brain.  Your Spirit or God is incorruptible and can override this entire mess…..

Connect to your own God inside and start to become really truly free!

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