Multidimensional Mind Control Technologies

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By Carlos Tavares
Contributing writer for

All potential exists. If it can be conceived by mind then there is a corresponding world with that reality somewhere in one of those Solar Systems in the Mutli-Verse, somewhere in a slither of a dimension of frequency. Maybe that world is the very world we are in right now. It is highly possible that our government and police forces are involved in using thought technologies against humanity in order to keep them subservient and easily controlled.

If for no other reason read this as pure fantasy but bear it in mind as future events unravel and new information becomes accessible. As for myself this is more real and not so easy to tell others about, without the others having personal experience. The effects on humanity are great starting off from deliberate intents, by a higher intelligence, very subtle at first, intent originating in much higher frequencies of existence but affecting material human reality totally.

Let us take the fractal approach to help explain what is happening on this planet with respect to the structure, manipulation, suppression and abuse of people in general. Everywhere on the planet there are hierarchical structures that govern every single being that is here now. No matter if you are a homeless person living on the streets or a multi-trillionaire elite bloodline kingpin, we all have bigger fish above us. We can see this as pyramids within pyramids. Take the chairman of the thirteen elite families that we think controls the world, he is not the end of the story but merely the little pawn individual of an even greater game. When we get to that level then we start to go “off-world”. That means that the bigger players are not on the planet itself but advanced extra-terrestrial beings.

Now do not fall into the trap created by the propaganda that all so called advanced beings have to be benevolent. Studying the nature of reality we see that the human experience in taking place on the seventh level, seventh realm of frequency, and the one that is the furthermost expression from original GOD, Point Zero. In a way we are a long way from source. At the bottom of this “triad” of creation is where we are at, the lowest of the low. Above us are another two entire realms of creation that still exists beneath or within duality, namely the Infra-red and Light Realms.

The seventh realm represents sexuality, the sixth pain and suffering, the fifth power and control. It is only when we get to the fourth realm that we reach unity without duality. Represented in the body by the fourth seal near the heart centre. Remember this as this is key to understanding the greater game that is being played out here. The lower you are down on this pyramid the slower your frequency and we generally cannot see or perceive the higher frequencies because we are too busy playing our game, with our own agendas. To a large extent we are purposely kept occupied with absolutely useless shit to prevent us having the time to contemplate or tap into these higher frequencies. This has been very cleverly crafted for thousands of years by enslaving us through the money systems, keeping us in lack, so we constantly have to work to keep our heads above water.

Also by brain washing us into believing that we need to buy this or that gadget, or always have the latest car or plane or a new island, or whatever other material possession that is actually not necessary and in the end does not bring us true happiness. Or watching absolutely useless sports games or TV programs, etc. (You should know the story by now!)

It does not end there. Some of these so called off world beings are not that far off in frequency from us, meaning that they are still material. So on and on the story. There is a lot of crap between where we (humans) are at in frequency until you reach the Fourth Realm, Unconditional Love. At this level there should be no more desire to control, manipulate, deceive, suppress and feed off others. But now we can see that we have the potential for many more “Sub-pyramids” or hierarchies to exist that will affect us, the “bottom feeders”.


So much higher from us up the pyramid of control there will exist civilizations or races of beings with incredible technologies, used totally to for-full their own agendas. Some of these beings even though they may still fall within the Hertzian Realm of frequency, our material frequency, they may have evolved millions of years ago and actually survived themselves and are now in possession of immense technologies, some of which humanity has absolutely no clue of yet.

Let us get more specific. Imagine a race of reptilian humanoids that have several planetary systems under their control. Now these beings have been around for millions perhaps even hundreds of millions of years. (Keep in mind, for perspective, that most of our modern technology has only really come into being during the last hundred years!) To keep control of their conquests and slaves they need now to prevent any spiritual awakening and rebellions, which will just make it more difficult for them to control. The slave forces have to remain within certain parameters. We know even now that the so called elite human forces use super computers to monitor all this planet’s emails, sms, faxes and voice communicating devices. That is with our technology already! Now amplify this by a few thousand or even millions of years and you can do pretty much anything.

So the reptilians have technologies, let us say, super computers, that now can actually read every single thought in your mind. Specific thought forms and phrases will immediately alert the operator to further investigate. (Just like our own human computers used by the NSA and other agencies). As soon as you start to get out of line they are onto you. From the human elite’s point of concern it may be initially when you start to discover their most closely guarded black project secrets, or when you start to become a threat to their agendas. With the advanced reptilians it would be more when you start to become more spiritual awakened and aware. In all of them they will be alerted when you start to discover the greatest secret of all: “that all the power is within you”. That you no longer even need technologies or material matter to create, but that you can create absolutely anything you desire from thought through the power of the divine God within us all. That is the biggest secret.

There comes a time when you no longer buy into the mechanism specifically put in place by slave masters, no longer buy into their created religions and monitory systems. No longer buy into their manufactured “New Age” beliefs, specifically created to capture the souls of the people that the “religious nets” could not hold.

So now what? The game is not over yet. Now with their understanding of creation itself they will target you at your very core. They will start to target you at the very source of your manifestations itself, from where all our things originate, the quantum field itself, at the second level of creation from source. This is not far fetched at all. Even now there are commercially available affordable technologies that humans have been using for several years already using something similar called “Quantec”. Basically using a standard laptop with specific software that interfaces with crystals, transmitting specific intents or consciousness into a background of static or white noise, representing the quantum field, sent at regular intervals daily, thereby changing the morphogenic field of the desired target, non local, that is at any distant. (For example if you are a farmer and are having a problem with specific insects eating your crop, you can then program the computer to get rid of these parasites, the computer then regular sends out these “intents”, mechanically, but never the less still intents or conformations, thereby drastically reducing the parasite load without any chemicals ever been use. It can also be used to cure diseases and even help increase turnover in companies). It is basically a more advanced Radionics machine. What they do not mention is that it too can be used to create negative outcomes, and all they need is a picture of you to thereby be able to transmit no- locally. (Google “Quantec”)

Now if we at our primitive level of development already have such devices just imagine what is possible in the distant future. A future that already exists. A lot of technologies have been given to humans through the different treaties, but these technologies are only the tip of the ice-berg. Also imagine if devices like this are freely available on the open market, what do the black-project already have and use?!

Okay so now you have been targeted because your thoughts and ideas are starting to escape the confines of the box or illusion that they would have you believe in. They start to transmit to you, in order to suppress your awakening and may actually counter or reverse what you are trying to manifest. So you are in essence spending more and more time and energy focusing on creating your reality with less and less outcome.

There also exist dimensional implants in our bodies. As some of these entities see us as their property they can also implant devices that are not detected by our machines, simply because they are in a higher vibrational state, to see what we see and monitor our state of being.

Surveillance in Time Itself

Now this gets even more interesting, when we realize that these beings have technology to time travel. So let us say they have picked up a problem of an individual or group that is getting out of line or a threat to their agenda. So now using the time travel technology they will be able to go back in time to hamper or de-rail you from your mission, to re-create or affect the future, their present. (Now this is extremely interesting as this is exactly the story of the Terminator Movies, so this is an already known fact). You cannot understand why you are having such a tough time in life. You are now suffering from what you have not yet done, but from what you will do in the future.

Thought Implants, Mood Control and Mind Control

The human in this game is a biological machine with its own brain through which the spirit interfaces with in order to experience and “play” in this “cyber-world/illusion”. Absolutely everything that exists has its own fingerprint frequency specific energy. Every mood we experience has its own frequency then experienced by the body with the corresponding hormone or chemical. Happiness, anger, depressions, envy, hate, defeat, etc, all have their own frequency. So this too could be applied as part of their tools to keep their slave race in check. They could pin-point a certain individual or a country or even an entire planet.
There is much talk of what HAARP can do in mood alteration and frequency control, but on Earth this may just be a front for the real technology, just like NASA and the Space Shuttle is just a show for the masses, while the real good stuff is kept secret. Not just secret but altogether in a different dimension. We must also contemplate that specific technologies can also be hidden in Time itself. Sometimes in the very same place as the “target”, but in a different time in the future or past.

Every ailment and disease has a specific frequency that can too be transmitted via these technologies.

With an advanced understanding of the human bio-machine I would think it would be a very simple task to implant entire ideas and thoughts into a certain person that will affect the outcome of history. Their best ally would then be someone who does not even now that he is supporting their agenda, because he thinks his thoughts are his own. I mean if human “agencies” already have this capability, like with MK-Ultra, and then imagine how far the Aliens can take this.

So for example a scientists developing technologies for radio towers and cell phones just happens to choice frequencies that deliberately interfere and scramble our very own thought waves in our brains. Out of all the frequencies that he could have chosen, those are the ones that he believes to be the best. And all the time thinking that he discovered, chose or create or invented those technologies himself.

We can be steered in a certain direction and totally manipulated without us even knowing, believing that we are free and independent.

Parallel Realities

Look at our history and our present! The evidence is clear we are in a pretty screwed up potential here. Look at all the lack, hunger, suffering, wars and destruction of the planet. Now also take into account all that I have been saying here!
Yes there are other parallel realities that are amazing, free joyful paradises, but this is not one of those. Wake-up and smell the roses! There are too many people who have the knowledge but are in total denial and just simply give up or look the other way, mostly they just put their heads deeper into the sand. Denial is just going to prolong the suffering! Yes this may be hectic, at least from our ego/personality perspective, but your soul may think this is a most wonderful testing ground and adventure. If you have all of eternity to play within sometimes you may need something a little more challenging. So let us not be so serious but treat this more like an advanced computer game that we simply have to master. The very understanding of all of this knowledge or some of you may say, all of this craziness, will in itself change the whole game.

Here is just a thought: maybe we can change all of the rules of this whole game of the soul and incarnation, if we make those decisions during the game itself, from our perspective by awakening during the game and then becoming masters of all realities.

Also remember that the timelines can change both towards more positive potentials as well as towards more negative ones. And all it takes is simply a single event, like the Atomic Bombing of Japan or the 911 episode. It would seem however that more recently we have been moving or changing tracks towards greater realities, from our perspective what we would call “positive”.

(Editor’s note: from How To Exit The Matrix’s perspective, we use the term “organic” instead of “positive”, because those that want to keep us on an astral timeline are currently twisting the world “positive”. But indeed, we want positivity as Carlos has stated!)

Semi-Ascended Gods

They may well be semi-ascended gods with incredible mental and spiritual powers that have chosen to not ascend further due to their addiction to their control and power games. These beings may have evolved once as humans then started to ascend or maybe did not even drop down to Hertzian, but are in the higher realms below Ultra-Violet Blue or Unconditional Love Realm. Them too suppressing and manipulating the human race.

They will not need to be as reliant on technology as much of what is desired they may be able to do with the power of their minds. However, when we ascend past these levels into the higher realms of frequency and unity do we absolutely not need any technology at all.

Dimensional Parasites

Some higher vibration entities may simply be feeding off of our emotions as well as our life-force itself. Some are just in the next level, in infra-red. Some days you are just totally depleted of energy and life-force for no reason, maybe because you have just been “harvested”. Bearing this in mind what is Hollywood’s obsession with Vampire Movies!? Everything has a reason.

Divine Intervention

Under such condition free will has long ago gone out the window. They have a whole planet under their spell and control. So now the only real way out is for us to ask for help from even higher frequencies beings. Now they can intervene because these manipulators are actually suppressing spiritual evolution and suppressing the expansion of the mind of GOD that they are also a part of. If an awakening civilization cannot create, explore and make know the unknown freely then it would be a good enough reason for our Big-Brothers to come and assist us and get rid of the bullies.

A New Look at the Earth Changes

“As within so without, as above so below”

As the intervention is taking place and has been for some time, a war in the lower realms of consciousness itself, we are seeing “bleed-throughs” into this material dimension of ours manifesting as Earth Changes. The Earth Changes are a part of the purification process, freeing up the mind of GOD again and allowing us to once again explore and created with free-will and expand all that is.

Some of the symptoms for example of Solar Flares and CMEs on the human body, like mood swings, aggression, intolerance, headaches and dizziness at times may be similar to what is been projected by these entities, so things can get a little confusing and hectic. They say the darkest hour is just before the light. Things cannot really get much worse so we can start to expect the fabulous new reality to start very shortly. The old systems and ways are falling apart everywhere as we can see clearly in the world now. All the Tyrants are falling like flies and this would include the dimensional controllers, manipulators and suppressors.
Even in Nature we can see new things now, and always there are more and more actual rainbows.

All that I have mentioned here may not be so easy to prove yet, but in the end whatever the reality and truth turns out to be, it will be known.

The truth is the truth, negative or positive. Most people do not have a stable foundation as they stand on one leg only looking at the so called positive. Duality consists of two legs! Together the two halves create unity, and it is all part of creation. Knowledge is power and what you then focus on is your own choice. Once you know what happened before you can create that it does or doesn’t happen again. The greater the knowledge the greater and better the choices. Denial does not help anyone! Most of the time we need to know the so called negative as it was a creation of the collective consciousness and we live in a collective reality.

By knowing what is coming we can prepare or start to focus on changing the reality. How can we ever learn and evolve if we only look at half of the facts. If we are unsure of our power to change the event mentally, that is with consciousness and energy then for now we can at least prepare physically, and that in itself is starting to take your power back! By only focusing on one half you are continuing your entrapment in duality. For then there always has to be an opposite. After all are we not working to see things as they are without judgement, unconditional,

Keep focusing on your dreams, desires and future realities. It may be necessary to spend more time and energy creating your reality. The battle has been long, we are weary and tired but by no means defeated, but when we are past this stage there will be great celebrations and the start of a brand new fabulous reality!

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