Archaix Analysis Of The Matrix- AIX Unveiled

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Video by Jason Breshears

Narrative by Michelle Walling,   How To Exit The Matrix

In this video, Jason decodes the first Matrix movie and shares some very interesting theories about AI (X) as it pertains to the reality we are in. He also points out how Hollywood inserted what he calls “Dungeon Programming”, twisting the original writer’s ideas in order to instill fear.

Spoiler alert to the end of the video, Jason says that those who are awake now, which brought you to watch this video were awakened by someone or something because they were worthy of preparing for the exit. The analogy of the Great Pyramid in Giza getting its missing cornerstone signifies the completion of man which opens the door and expels the souls who overcame the mind program out of the underworld and into another realm. I believe this is “the event” or the “Exit of the Matrix” that those of us who are awakened are waiting for.

Something I have not said before is that I also believe that this will occur before the predicted date of the Phoenix event that he discusses on his channel. Yes, there will be a reset, but I feel like it is AFTER we leave. I guess we will find out, as Jason theorizes that the rules of the game are not to know the future but to walk the path in faith with the belief that there is a higher power overseeing your game.



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