How False Light Spiritual Hierarchy Works

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pyramid_webBy Michelle Walling, CHLC

The amount of information pouring forth about the false light matrix and hierarchy has been rapidly increasing in the last year. This has served as confirmation for those who are still seeking proof that change is occurring.  The main goal of the false light agenda is to keep us distracted and confused so that we cannot make an informed choice about our reality or so that we make no choice at all, which is the same as consent. Those of the false light use technology and black magic to to manipulate and mind control humanity, and trickery and mirrors are some of their tools.

Uncovering the illusion will make the illusion dissolve, not unlike learning how a particular card trick or magic trick works. Once the audience knows that the props on the stage help to create the illusion, there is no longer a longing to find out how the trick is done. The magician no longer has an audience for that particular trick, so it is no longer performed. Once we uncover all of the tricks in the book, the truth will unveil what has been happening on the planet to every man and woman, allowing them to make a choice as to whether they would like to have the illusion continue or not.

An anonymous writer sent the information below to me to publish. This person felt like they needed to get this information out to the masses about how the false light spiritual hierarchy works, and it resonated with me enough to share it. As I have often mentioned, these tactics have also been called black magic and this is just one small part of how they (the archons, angels, archangels, Anunnaki, greys, reptilians, and so on) have had humanity under their control.

“The false light team works to trick us:
1) By using the name of light, positiveness and sacredness, they deploy a specific (imaginary or partially real) target as dark and negative, to gain believers and join them against fighting the dark. (Provocation and attraction stage)
2) By giving pre-programmed subtle energy tools and protections to isolate and imprison the targeted dark negative entities, karma and bad energy of all sort. (Trading and power gaining stage)
3) The believers start to feel the (false) improvement and have the urge to tell (due to the pre-programmed false light tools) more people about the benefit of joining/asking/helping the spiritual hierarchy and false effectiveness of the tools and protections given. (Functioning and sabotaging stage)
4) The isolated dark negative entities, karma, and bad energies are thrown to another human victim and manipulate them to join as (false) lightworker practitioners. (Manipulating and victimizing stage)
5) Repeat 1) to 4), a chain-reaction occurs, to strengthen the power of the spiritual hierarchy. (Domination stage and then destruction)
This is very similar to a pyramid money scheme scam, where the top most investor will gain the most while the later and lowest will be the loser. This one is a spiritual scam. It does not really solve any problems; it is just a trickery of throwing the problem from top to bottom and only the top will be seen problem solved completely (e.g. Lord of Karma) while the truth is that those at the bottom have suffered and been lied to and are all covered by the burden of the over-thrown problems.
Anyone who tried to retreat or dispose them will be bombarded, isolated and imprisoned together with dark negative entities, karma and bad energies. Even those who had quit for eons will still be sabotaged by the spiritual hierarchy because they desperately want to rely on the scam scheme to maintain and live in their false heaven.”

The anonymous author goes on to compare the false light battle with the darkness and how it has affected the dark’s view of the true Source light:

“The false light problem is not the same with the darkness problem.
The problem of darkness is that they do not accept spirituality to wake up and realize the fact they have light. I am not so sure of the reason why they work against the light.
False light is about the maintenance of living in the false heaven (at least this is what I feel the best word for it). They throw their own problem to the others and have it done by doing almost nothing really productive by themselves. They sabotage others if they are found to be hiding the ugly truth. In this situation, the isolated dark beings seem to be more like victims than victimizers.
I am seeing that more and more lightworkers are suffering  and I have the reason to believe that they have let the false light spiritual hierarchy get into them through entity attacks, false karma, and subtle energy attacks. These problems are being hidden and projected by the false spiritual bossy archons. They need to learn how to identify this false light spiritual hierarchy and step out from it so that the final archons losses all their power. (In essence, the false light are being tricked and are lost as well).
My own guess is that the lightworker victims now are those who addicted, unable to get out from reliance. They are lost of spiritual sense when they often think about what the false light has brought into their life.
I have no idea about what has happened to those imprisoned dark beings, nor what will happen if they are released. But I guess love and light will do the job here, love them, heal them, release them from the trauma of being blamed, tortured and used by the false light. I think they hated, confused and mistook the light because of what the false light did to them. Maybe they don’t want to believe and join with the light unless the false light had stepped down from the mainstream, I mean specifically the spiritual hierarchy.
You can say it is time to rethink what is being brought by the lightworkers about the never-ending fight of the light against the darkness, where everything is the fault of darkness, everyone should support the light in regardless of others, and no one should believe what the darkness wanted to say. Maybe the darkness needs to teach the false light a lesson about being forced to do a dirty job. I’m not sure, but maybe it is already happened. So far I haven’t found any additional information from this point. Spirituality has its odd sense of doing things.”

No matter who did what to whom, everything is energy and is connected to Source, and originates from Source. Whatever the experiment with duality was intended to do, it has expanded to the maximum level of identity so Source could know what it was by seeing what it was not. Hopefully the experiment will be over soon so that the extreme negative and positive aspects can be neutralized. This is the only way that the experience of sending an aspect of your energy to have an human body experience can be saved, otherwise the whole experience just serves those who need energy because they are so far removed form the energy Source itself.

The illusion is dissolving because we now know what has happened. Spreading this information to as many people as possible is breaking down the matrix and will cause the end of the domination and control of the archons and their false light minions. There are many levels and layers that must be peeled back but we are fast approaching uncovering the wizard behind the curtain.

About the author:

Michelle Walling is a Certified Holistic Life Coach, webmaster, and writer. Holistic Counseling sessions can be booked through her website The truth about the holographic nature of the matrix and how we are going to dissolve it can be explored on her website Michelle’s personal Facebook page can be found here.

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